This article is sticking in my mind and refuses to leave, I uncover new levels of the absurdity of the human condition each time I reconsider it, this is my L'Etranger, this nameless journalist is my Camus, this is the impetus for my existentialist awakening

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Still absolutely gobsmacked

How did this come to be, was he called to ID the body?

"Excuse me, may I speak to Mr Keville?"
"Mr Keville, could you please come down to the temporary morgue? We have a body down here that we believe is yours and we would like to have you identify it, if possible."
'Of course, I'll be right down.'

How much did the body look like him? What was going through his mind at the time?

Truly Charles Keville is a hero of his time.

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@witchfynder_finder "Heya, Chuck."

"Hey, Steve."

"Heard a weird thing this mornin'."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"Heard you'd been kilt and they had you down the morgue at the police station. Glad to see it ain't true."

"Well, that's _passin'_ strange, Steve. Guess I better get m'self down there an' sort it out, then hadn't I."

"Seems so. Have a good one, Chuck."

"Thanks, Steve. You, too."

@benhamill I need this exchange but stretched out to be a Waiting for Godot-style play

@witchfynder_finder @benhamill death of a salesman except Willy's despair ends up killing a twin brother he never knew he had

@meena @benhamill I believe Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart did a production of it at one point and tbh I really need to track down a recording of that

@benhamill @witchfynder_finder for real, i haven't read a book in years

i'm having trouble with comics, even

@witchfynder_finder @meena But… that is not what… illiterate means…? You are reading these words!

@witchfynder_finder wow

I kinda want to get called in to identify my own dead body now


Someone CALLED THIS GUY to ID his own body

@witchfynder_finder I'm all for lawful acting when it means you get to do something completely nonsensical with no effect

@ben Honestly I think just walking in and saying "nope" is the best possible response to this scenario, like, you can get mad and yell or whatever or you can just do the thing and be entirely flat about it

@witchfynder_finder 10000% better than L'Etranger (not that hard, to be fair).

@VioB I liked it, but a lot of that might have to do with the translation I read tbh

Definitely didn't walk away with any Profound Understandings, though

@witchfynder_finder (L'Etranger polarizes a lot even in France, might admit)

Kind of want to wade through the local newspapers for something 1% as good as this.

@witchfynder_finder Imagining the alternative: "Wait, that is me!" (Checks pulse and fades into the hereafter)

@RecursiveRabbit Sounds like a Monty Python sketch

"Yup, that's me."
'But you're standing right here.'
"And I'm telling you that's my body right there on the table."

@witchfynder_finder I just like how he actually went and looked at the body. I guess that's the only way to go, at that point. Just roll with it. "Well I'm pretty sure I'm not dead but they say it's me, so I guess I should go s- aw nah, that ain't me."


Less unsettling than a guy walks in and says, "Holy shit, that IS me!" and falls over dead.

Then when they have THAT body on the slab, another guy walks in and says, "Holy shit, THAT is ME!" and falls over dead.

(Repeat endlessly.)

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