In case you wondered just how out-of-touch startup culture has gotten, today I saw a post where someone hypothesized somewhere you could pay like $5 to play with your dog outside, kinda like a backyard but not attached to your house

They invented public parks, y'all

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@witchfynder_finder I wouldn't say "out of touch"

I would say "actively trying to monetize every aspect of our lives and this is the language they use to mask it"


now the real question: does it have its own Canada geese, or do they ship some in?

@witchfynder_finder there is one distinguishing factor, that with her idea, if you pay your way in *only* you and your approved invitees will legally be there

this is a good idea to the extent that you are deranged from lethal infection of burb brain

@carcinopithecus Yeah as I examined it more it definitely became obvious that it's less "public parks for $5" and more "a park but I don't have to see any Poors"

@umalkosh I feel like this is even worse than that, they seem to want, like, a group of enclosed parklets that you can rent for an hour

come to the park tenement we got grass

@witchfynder_finder no. It's different. Dogs should NOT be off leash in public EVER. You are suggesting that people just take their dogs to any park and let them run? Fuck that. People who do that are HORRIBLE people.
Plus dog parks are full of unvetted dogs who might attack your dog. It's always a gamble and a risk. I would absolutely pay a small amount for the ability to exercise my sensitive dog somewhere that is fenced and safe and not full of untrained over-excited/dangerous dogs.

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