You ever notice how Yoda's speech patterns in Empire and Jedi sound really naturalistic even with the inverted sentence structure, while in the prequel trilogy and every other time he's appeared his speech always sounds kind of stilted and wrong and harder to follow?

That's because a linguist was brought on to consult on the script treatment in the OT and to help make sure Yoda's sentences were inverted "properly" on the phrase level to maintain intelligibility. This did not happen in the prequels.


This is also why memes and such with Yoda in them tend to not quite hit the mark; people roughly understand what happens with Yoda's speech patterns because of how the mind internalizes language information, but without the kind of explicit knowledge granted by studying linguistics, it's hard to really nail down the specifics so people just kinda flip things around and hope for the best

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@witchfynder_finder i still hold that Yodaspeak is a native English lyrical form on the basis of its natural intelligibility by English speakers and the fact that speakers CAN distinguish well-formed sentences from poorly-formed ones

i think the difficulty in native speakers constructing sentences derives from our incredibly limited corpus of phrases to draw from, which is to say that i think we should all talk like yoda more

@kibimon @witchfynder_finder
I like this idea of it being a native lyrical form. Which also explains why mist people are bad at it: that's true of all lyrical forms; most native speakers butcher them when trying to produce them spontaneously.

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