I think that noir and hardboiled detective stories still have a lot of merit and there is a LOT of potential in the classic tropes in a contemporary setting, especially if they were to be employed by queer authors

This feels like a genre we should bring back But Gay

@benhamill The Femme Fatale but she's a lesbian and this is NOT part of what makes her Kinda Bad

The PI has a guy down the bar he goes to for a night of peace

A contact who remains in the shadows and remains ungendered due to their anonymity

@witchfynder_finder Well, and mix in some cybre to get your transhumanist queer shit in there. And undermine the “one strong man” parts of the genre with “supporting each other and working together”.

@witchfynder_finder Oh! And no fucking good guy cops! The PI has strong ties to _the community_ no the police.

@benhamill I feel like being at odds with the police is already pretty well backed into the genre but yeah that needs to be explicit

@witchfynder_finder Yeah. Often the conflict is about, like, the PI not playing by “the rules”, not really conveying that the cops are fundamentally broken.

And there’s often the, like, one good cop who helps the PI. It’s similar to how cops are often portrayed in super hero shit.

@benhamill And these are just the EASY ones! There's a ridiculous amount of queer potential here!

The problem is I'm nowhere near familiar enough with the genre to write these stories myself =P

@witchfynder_finder @benhamill part of the femme fatale trope is her flirtatiousness but near unattainability, right? I always thought her being gay made sense

Also I want a lady pi who's just as gross as dude Pi's. Tell me about her drinking and smoking and brewing coffee in dirty mugs and sleeping in her car during a stakeout.

@benhamill @witchfynder_finder Yeah

I think some of it is Malcolm - I always thought of Effie Perrine being essential to Sam Spade. Having an assistant who's kind of in love with you but is never acknowledged as such.

I also want a blackmail case where there's an affair but It's Not A Big Deal because poly exists and consensual extramarital activities are Fine, Actually

@maenad @benhamill Well, the second one is just Jessica Jones in her Netflix show =P

Honestly just make more Jessica Jones but make it gayer

@maenad @witchfynder_finder @benhamill
so Miss Congeniality except with the second half of the movie cut?

I'd pay to watch that.


I spent a good while trying to figure this one out. I started one, but I don't know that it's ever gonna up to my minimal standards ("might actually convey to reader the world in question") because gender shit is so woven into so much crap in life, esp in period noir plots -_-

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