@witchfynder_finder ideal: the 2 monster ones on the left of the "whatever" box but with proper wording tbh

wow i did not realize subtly condescending bathroom signs were a thing


@haskal The worst part is that I honestly don't believe the people who make/use the top signs are trying to be condescending about it. Like they genuinely think it's a cute fun way to be woke.

@witchfynder_finder but how do u look quirky and interesting without an obnoxious sign???

@witchfynder_finder I mean or just call it a restroom, forget gender and just, use it.

Everybody poops...

@witchfynder_finder This has actually always bothered me...

If your kids don't know about the parts, you are doing life wrong, and shouldn't be a parent.

If they know about the parts, why should it matter if they see other parts? They know about the parts... What makes your parts so special?!

Ehh whatever....

@witchfynder_finder See now I have to share a story cause it irritates me so...

So on a beach, kids playing it's whatever right? Time to change clothes cause, beaches, stuff gets wet/sandy/whatever and we would be off. So I change kid (boy).

Lady comes up all agro, and is like "My daughter has never seen a penis before, doesn't know what it is, and you exposed her, and I'm pissed"...

I was like "What? Your kid is like 8 years old how is that possible?!"

She was like, "She wasn't ready for that."

I said "Let me get this strait, it's somehow my fault you didn't bother to tell your kid there are people who have different anatomy than her own!?"

She was like "She's not old enough to know what a dick is!"

I said "Dick, is not a anatomical term, it's called a penis..."

She went ape (her daughter was in tow, apparently dick was ok, but penis was too far). Her person was holding her back like she was going to attack me or something...

The rest involved the other part of my crew there at the time, and included a demonstration of a 3 year old who knew the difference between gender (anatomically) at which point we were asked to leave the beach by rangers of all people because, we were not taking appropriate measures to prevent lewd exposure... O_o Cause somehow a naked 4 year old is "lewd"...

End of story...

@witchfynder_finder I mean lewd?! Apparently, they don't know what lewd actually means, or everyone else involved was a pedo, one of the two...

@witchfynder_finder Fact is, I was forced to leave a public beach for my, at the time 4 year old's, "lewd" behavior by changing clothes.


@witchfynder_finder ...I think I have to .inc() the "just wash your hands" one.

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