growing up under postmodernism is knowing all the lyrics to Robin Williams' "Singin in The Oil" from the Robots feature film over 10 years before you hear the original Singin in the Rain

@selontheweb Growing up under postmodernism is having memorised the dialogue of countless Flash animations

@selontheweb I can honestly still recite the entire Llama Song and Magical Trevor like 20 years later.

@andi me with the mcdonalds drive thru rap and ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny

@selontheweb Growing up under postmodernism means you mentally associate particular pop hooks with Weird Al lyrics even though you've probably heard the song being spoofed more times than the spoof itself.

@selontheweb Like, I've heard the Weird Al version of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson like, maybe ten times at most? Probably the original more like hundreds of times, between cinema and ads and stuff?



@andi @selontheweb Literally Don McLean, the singer of American Pie, has trouble not singing the Weird Al Star Wars cover in concert


@witchfynder_finder @andi @selontheweb me accidentally doing a verse from all about the pentiums at karaoke when I know the lyrics to both versions

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