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Goblin Art has arrived!!!

Shout-outs to the wonderful @firstprogenitor, he was fantastic to work with and I'm super pleased with the result! Go commission him!

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Imposter Syndrome? No, you misheard me, I got I'm Poster Syndrome, it's where I can't shut the fuck up on line

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trolley problem: you have tied people into the tracks and are about to plough thru them on your kickass trolley but some miscreant looks liable to divert you. how do you prevent this

Anyway I asked what her outfit was and she told me and I said I'd never seen the movie and she basically said I HAD to see it

So I did

Thanks, Mrs. H

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I know who finally put it right tho was my 10th grade English teacher who dressed up as Inigo Montoya for one of our spirit week days

She was always seen as a really harsh teacher (read: she kept rowdy idiot high school kids in line) so I was kind of shocked when I saw the movie and realized how FUN it is

Also massive props to her for crossdressing at a Christian school's spirit week

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I didn't see The Princess Bride until I was in high school and I don't know who fucked up but somebody sure did for it to take that long

You can't say the USSR did nothing wrong tbh

They never should've sent Laika to space :(

That's Belka and Strelka, the first Earth-born creatures to reach space and return alive

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Acid reflux-havers, a question:

Does it feel like sharp pain kind of at the top of your stomach, a little bit below the bottom of your ribs, almost like there's something stuck in there?

crude car terminology. probably correct but i cant promise it 

the manifold collects the products of combustion where they travel to a device at the back of the car called the Shitter

two wizards, screaming at each other in the middle of a library, tomes laying askew everywhere.

"Illusion?? Ethical magic??? Pardon?"


"you shithead, no, affecting peoples' minds? That's textbook villain shit!"

"Oh pardon me i wasn't aware that making someone think they got set on fire was somehow *worse* than actually setting them on fire, like a murderer would do"

"that is NOT a standard case and you know it"

"What IS a 'standard' case??"

"Do NOT open this debate again!"

samurai gunn 2 is a game that dares to ask "what if a samurai had a gunn again"

Me: no cats on the table!
Angus: *does this*
Me: ok just a little cats on the table

Anyway the default settings for making a custom ideology are just Western Christian settings

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Honestly every time something new gets added to this game, the worse it becomes on an ideological (or, i guess, ideoligious) level

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It's the words "ideology" and "religion" put through a wompressor, if you couldn't figure it out (which I wouldn't blame you for)

ideology and religion
->|ideology and religion|<-

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"Delivery to Italy unfortunately may take from 14 days up to 2 monthes due to slow work of Italian post service."

Get they ass, eBay seller of Soviet watches

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