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Please don't follow me just because of those Isabelle pictures I didn't even draw them

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You: Now that it's November 1, the time for spooks has come to a close.

Me, an intellectual: You are WEAK. You bloodline is WEAK. You will not survive the skeleton war!

Was Mark Hammil ever on Sesame Street?

Mark Hammil should have been on Sesame Street.

heather tweeting "i don't know you" over and over and over agreed with the CW "subtoot" must be some kind of performance art

So in the sci-fi book I'm reading everyone on this spaceship is jacked into this network called ConSensus and it seems to basically be like Google Glass in that they have HUDs and can call up "subtitles" to explain concepts they don't fully understand

The joke here is that the book makes so many arcane references to various facets of science, art, philosophy, etc that I feel like -I- need these subtitles just to understand the nuances of any given exchange

I'd do the subtoot thing but tbh I don't think I'd have good ones for people and I'm not hard enough to just say "I don't know you" like some shapes around here

Me, pouring liquid Gain into the measuring cup to do my laundry:
My idiot brain: The forbidden Baja Blast,,,,

Like 99% of the time I hate being referred to by any gendered word/phrase but shit like this is why it's not 100%

The other day a friend of mine said I was a spooky grandpa and honestly I'll take it

Here's a fun Star Wars Fact for you today in honour of me bringing home a copy of Master & Apprentice:

In the old EU canon, Qui-Gon Jinn didn't bathe very often because he felt bathing would hinder his connection to the Living Force

So this Jedi Master just wandered the Galaxy being smelly

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