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You: Now that it's November 1, the time for spooks has come to a close.

Me, an intellectual: You are WEAK. You bloodline is WEAK. You will not survive the skeleton war!

I feel like we need to talk about Black Panther and Marvel movies in general in two different ways. Because there's a specific baseline for Marvel movies that a specific one can either exceed (BP) or fall short of (Civil War). But also that's going to be really subjective based on if you like Marvel movies or not (I think they're Fine).

So while BP was an EXCELLENT Marvel movie and was more than I expected, it was still just a decent action film and it's hard to articulate both of those feelings at once.

Like, I'm not gonna sing its praises from the rooftops or anything because it was still just a Marvel movie, but it was a damn good Marvel movie.

my name is The Thorax, i speak for the bees

you've heard of .org, now get ready for Show more

But I'm gonna see Black Panther tomorrow so that'll be dope!

I spent way too much time today watching D&D advice videos and now I'm ready to just


ALSO I'm pretty sure I'm losing my voice! >8(

uspol adjacent, bad dream (-) Show more

Also Dragon's Dogma is on sale on Steam for DOG YEAR so I grabbed it and I made my main pawn a sword lesbian with a look shamelessly inspired by Laura Dern in The Last Jedi and that alone is enough to make this game great imo

Man, I'm in need of some good hip-hop to listen to. Help a goblin out?

+Dope beats
+Dope flow
+Actual lyricism
+Any energy at all
+Basically not trap, I find trap rather boring (But I don't hold it against you if you like it!)

Artists I Like:
+Tech N9ne
+Childish Gambino
+Notorious BIG
+Angel Haze

Me when I was young: Scrunchies look so dumb why would anyone wear one?
Me, having long hair, using a scrunchie for the first time: Ooooooooooh!!!!!

Computers aren't bad, but they sure are weeeeeeird

My computer: I'm not gonna produce ANY sound at all, for any device, in any port!
Me: What if I restart you?
Computer: Aw, jeez, ya got me, have your sound back.

i googled furries can do infinite crime and half the results where night in the woods

hey everyone,

let's make software fun again.

This doesn't mean quietly sweeping disenfranchised people's problems under the rug.

this means fixing them for everyone, so we can all contribute to our communities.