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Goblin Art has arrived!!!

Shout-outs to the wonderful @firstprogenitor, he was fantastic to work with and I'm super pleased with the result! Go commission him!

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Imposter Syndrome? No, you misheard me, I got I'm Poster Syndrome, it's where I can't shut the fuck up on line

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love to see headlines such as "white supremacist neo nazi group supposedly evil????"

Sometimes you overhaul your profile for a single bit and then you're like

now what

you get the big fucked up trucks with tons of protective gear you get the "oh shit they're here go go go" you get the tons of weird gear you get the danger all in order to capture some film that someone somewhere will use

but, instead of it being a tornado or something, it's godzilla

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Personally, I'm here for anything that makes fun of Tool, which is a very tedious band

when youre in the middle of making posts about abolishing the CIA and your browser suddenly crashes

me: *sees werewolf*

me: pupy pupy pupy pupy pupy pupy pupy pupy

hate when dumb POLITICS invade my SACRED GAMER SPACE where no stupid LIB IDEOLOGY is supposed to threaten my SHITTY OPINIONS

Snail Race

Anyway, it hit 1.0 today, it's really good, it's on sale, you should pick it up if you're in the market for a new action roguelite

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Interviewer at big over 100K salary job interview: Alright... so I see you were active on a social media platform Mastodon as username [squints] β€œwhippin’ ariana grande”

Me: lol epic

Interviewer: hrm yes epic.... may I ask why you posted... and I quote, β€œOh my God, my ass is shooting North Korean Nukes, holy fucking shit, decapitate Elon Musk and feed his head to George W Bush”. May I ask if this is you and why you posted it?

Me: lmfao Epic Win my dude.

Interviewer: [cracks open Monster energy drink (white can)] About fucking time someone said it, amirite? You’re hired, Ass Eating Goku.

This game is honestly fundamentally pretty simple but they NAILED the gamefeel, every single thing you do is punchy, it all has weight, you feel like a fuckin badass playing

Until you don't... =P

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Hoooo boy ScourgeBringer is really fucking good

Hurts my wrist to play tho I'm not used to that level of button-mashing anymore

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