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Goblin Art has arrived!!!

Shout-outs to the wonderful @firstprogenitor, he was fantastic to work with and I'm super pleased with the result! Go commission him!

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Imposter Syndrome? No, you misheard me, I got I'm Poster Syndrome, it's where I can't shut the fuck up on line

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It is with a heavy heart that I finally admit, in my soul, that cybre is going down :(

I'll be over on elekk tho cos y'all aren't getting rid of me that easy! I'm currently setting everything up and then I'm gonna delve into the bowels of account migration and hope that works automagically

No I'm not interested in the meta, and for the record I still call it Facebook!

once again i have just remembered that the ready player one guy also wrote the worst poem ever written and my day is ruined

He's a funky lil fella and I am POSITIVE I am going to end up calling him "uke" at some point, probably on accident

["Uke" as in how people shorten the word ukulele, not like the opposite of seme - Ed]

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enough of "fuck bitches get money". im lesbian polyam and communist. fuck money lets get bitches

I just saw this tweet and honestly it makes me really fucking mad. Like this is the kind of post that can really only be made by someone who doesn't go outside. Since the overturn there have been countless organizations who have mobilized to help protect reproductive rights. Yes, complaints that it's not good enough are valid, but to say that "no one cares anymore" just means you're not paying attention. It's not that no one cares, it's that the people who do care and have been putting in tons of effort all have zero systematic power on purpose

Look all I'll say is that I can think of multiple times when I've mad a bad post and had a friend come to me directly and say "Hey, boss, this one ain't it" and then I sit with that for a few minutes and you know how it ends up?

Every time I come back like 10 minutes later and I go "You're right, this one ain't it, thank you for telling me" and then they say "You're welcome" and we keep being friends

And like, yeah, those 10 or however many minutes where I have to sit with it are UNCOMFORTABLE because I don't like having a friend tell me a post ain't it, I don't like being in the wrong, nobody likes that, but I do it anyway because they took the time to tell me to my face, which means they care, which means it's WORTH being uncomfortable for a few minutes if it means I can keep a friend

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