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Please don't follow me just because of those Isabelle pictures I didn't even draw them

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You: Now that it's November 1, the time for spooks has come to a close.

Me, an intellectual: You are WEAK. You bloodline is WEAK. You will not survive the skeleton war!

Between No Man's Sky's OST being done by 65daysofstatic and the trailers for Outer Wilds I guess we have all agreed that space sounds like post-rock now and I'm HERE FOR IT

So like

Does EVERYONE'S job make them feel super depressed every day? Is that just a side-effect of gainful employment?

:walmart_spark: :walmart_spark_trans: :walmart_spark_bi: :walmart_spark_pan: :walmart_spark_enby:
no one asked, no one wanted them, they're here anyway

Imagine being old and weird enough to get away with putting weird pictures in your email signature at work

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I COULD just look up if I'm right or not but I feel like the point of this whole thing is to channel Dipper's weird single-mindedness so I'm gonna take the fact that I can hear him in my head trying to work this one out as a positive

I went through (3) layers to get here though and it seems too perfect to be coincidence...

The worst part is I have no idea if this was the intended message or not

Gravity Falls will have you doin dumb shit like learning about Renaissance cryptographic techniques so that you can find the secret code which is just "SSSSSSSSSSS"

haha yeah!
night crew night crew
slowly curls up
night crew night crew
covers up in a blanket and nuzzles into my pillows

night crew night....crew..........zzzzzzzz

lmao Steam already has a Masterpiece tag on Cyberpunk 2077

Gamers are so fucking stupid

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