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Goblin Art has arrived!!!

Shout-outs to the wonderful @firstprogenitor, he was fantastic to work with and I'm super pleased with the result! Go commission him!

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Imposter Syndrome? No, you misheard me, I got I'm Poster Syndrome, it's where I can't shut the fuck up on line

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dragon age is interesting to me cause you can really see the evolution of liberal stances on social justice through the years by looking at it

Conceptualizing a society where gender roles as we understand them are very strict and rigid but gender itself is entirely fluid and free, and trying to figure out what that would look like

I think that would be fun for a fantasy book

Someone I have on Facebook just posted the most lukewarm takes you could imagine, just straight expected opinions

This is the main reason why Sonic Adventure 2 was the last actually good Sonic game, warts and all, is because it was an actual game

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The thing about Sonic games is that ever since they implement Boost Gameplay into 3D games, they just stopped having level design or even really gameplay

You just go forward and press the boost button and sometimes turn a corner

Have encountered a strange bug in Cult of the Lamb where sometimes a quest just automatically fails, which sucks, but it's infrequent enough that I'm trying not to let it totally ruin the game for me because otherwise I'm having a blast

sees a Spirit Halloween Sign go up over Mar-A- Lago

me: ahhh, nature is healing.

it's great how our civilization is fully willing to destroy itself so a handful of assholes can add a little bit more to their giant money piles

They took The Binding of Isaac and bolted a colony builder onto it and both halves are great on their own but it's really the way they interact that makes them sing

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Have played Cult of the Lamb for 5 hours and only am not currently playing it because my eyes got tired

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