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It was with great patience that the werewolf waited.

His pack-leader had given him a very clear instruction, and he wanted to impress.

He got peanut-butter when he impressed. His tail thumped against the wall at the thought.


He grabbed his tail, giving a sheepish nod to the librarian.

Finally, story-time came to an end.

"Ah, there's your uncle over there."

His tiny human niece scampered over.

It was a very safe walk home.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

all caps lyrics screenreader unfriendly 


:dragnyell: Rawr! :dragnyell:


the revolution will be furr/kin and kink friendly. if corp pride kicks you out just ask your friendly local anarchist where the nearest forced birth center is and if they have a spare molotov.

My daughter was redecorating her room, and wanted a large solar system poster.

So, I designed a set that reflects the "world-focused" view of the Solar System that I've used when presenting planetary science to kids -- emphasizing moons, planets, and dwarf planets as worlds in themselves.

I did a print run, and I still have some for sale in my shop. The individual posters are 19"x27".

I still have some for sale in my shop (link in reply).

thank you @keliff for this incredible depiction of me and the first art of myself drawn

nsfw furry porn!! a kobold boy in a variety of situations. 

Raffle stream results for theveo!

πŸ₯€ lyrics, lewd, ableist slur 

this bitch love catboys
(meow meow meow)
catboys baby
(nya nya nya!)
let me see that ass, boy
(drop it)
im catboy crazy


Wordle 338 3/6


for your consideration: turtle, but with fuzzy shell and puppy ears

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