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you may see me and think i'm a furry. but i'm not a furry. i'm worse

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reasons your catboy will bite you 

- hungry
- angry
- doesn't like u
- surprised
- wants to show you something
- excited
- he likes u
- stimmy
- any other reason not listed

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furry art, eye contact 

look at what my wife drew!! it me!!!!!

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human horribleness 

so many "new studies" being released really are just "Breakthrough Study Suggests Animals Are Able To Feel Emotions" as if this is something that requires extensive research, and not just like. spending any amount of time just being around literally any nonhuman

friend now homeless, Bothel WA USA, plz help 

It's been over a week since

He got an offer from one of my friends, but they live in Montana, not Washington. It's good that someone is able to help, though so far? But, I know so many people live in the Seattle Area, and the state of Washington.

He still has a job and I bet he could couch surf while looking for a new apartment, if you can't have him long term.

My good, lovely artists please PLEASE remember to turn off auto-pay on your Adobe account so you can haggle and wind down your reliance on yet another greedy corporation using too many colors while adding not enough features.

Dont be like me and get a surprise $600 bill in your email because your life is full of too many things 😭

Also, get acquainted with an alternative software to Adobe's eternal billing cycle.

Meta question for someone else who doesn't have an account yet.

Are there any open registration instances that are

A: properly moderated
and B: explicitly against fatmisia?

I know that as a rule I haven't seen anybody I follow indulging in fat hate, but I have an acquaintance who's looking for an instance that is explicitly NOT having it.

Are there good open instances willing to add that to their rules, or that already have it covered?

Would love to find more #trans folks who are #parents. We could joke about how much fun it is to always correct gendered titles on forms, and how best to stare down stink-eye-giving soccer moms, and talking to kids about puberty after having gone through more than one πŸ˜‚


personally I think it’s really good when the creachers are foxes

Are there any #BIPOC owned and ran and moderated #Instances in the #Fediverse that I could link to in my instance's About-More page?

I have seen a few toots come through my TL asking where there are BIPOC spaces and I would like to have somewhere to point to.

Thank you!


finding a way through burnout :boost_ok:​ 

other sysadmins/it folks that have found a way through burnout, how did you do it? i used to love my work, but now i'm really really struggling. i was lucky to even get this gig with my weird meandering CV, and we have a mortgage as of last year, so my options beyond just staying where i am feel very limited

May trans joy be a fire that burns the fucking white colonialist cisheteropatriarchy to the ground

#trans #transJoy #transgender

Once again seeing folks self sensor things with eg asterisk. (Eg: Tw***er)

Please don’t.

1) People who really don’t want to see the topic will have set up filters. Your asterisk evade their filters. Rude!

2) Use content warnings. This is exactly the kind of thing they are for.

γ€Œ we hope you enjoy dancing through the tears 」

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