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"Remembering the Battle of Holbeck Moor" By Tom Winterbourn

"On this day in 1936, Blackshirts led by Oswald Mosley organised a rally in Leeds to intimidate the city's Jewish population – and were driven back by 30,000 anti-fascists to the tune of The Red Flag."

Microsoft will release a web browser for Linux next month – and it uses Google's technology

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. -- Dalai Lama


So here's my #introduction! I live in #Roma, #Italy and I work in the telecommunications industry - studied #electronics and #computerscience so no big surprise! I love programming in #perl and I enjoy sharing via #cpan and #github. I used #emacs for some time but I'm all #vim now... 😅. I try to #blog daily at I loved finding about #Mastodon, really thought it was missing. I also like the conditions here in #octodon!

"Merriam-Webster’s Great Big List of Words You Love to Hate:
All your favorite pet peeves in one convenient location"

Back on the job/gig hunt again. If anyone had need for a purple team dude specializing in WiFi hacking, and endpoint/threathunting... I’m all ears!

Also, I am equipped and prepared to do contract work through my company if that is what you need too. Please boost the signal and help me put kids through college. :)

#introduction #newaccount

Gen-Xer born in #Mexico; since kid I was a #computer #nerd and liked #anime and #scifi, so it was logical I'd eventually discover the #cyberpunk genre (#ghostintheshell, #akira, #neuromancer, #bubblegumcrisis, #parasitedolls, #lain...)

Aside from that I've done #opensource and #freesoftware; have gnu/#Linux on my PC and recently I discovered #decentralization.

Currently #amwriting a scifi novel about #AI and #androids and it's my life's dream to get it published!

(Also I've been recently exploring my sexuality and it turns out I'm trans :transgender: ; specifically, nonbinary :nonbinary: and probably genderfluid :QueerCat_Genderfluid: ; it's... complicated.

Perhaps another way to explain this is that I have a "femsona" and I feel more comfortable wearing her than my male-self when talking to my close friends.

BTW, I don't know if I'll get to be comfortable with using "she/her", so it's "they/them" for now.)

"A theory of functionality is presently being developed, where traditional ideas of data structures are being reformulated in such a way that a structure is now seen as a functional operator missing some if its arguments. For instance, an integer is akin to a for-loop missing its body, a boolean is akin to a conditional missing its pair of branches, etc."

Corrado Boehm and Alessandro Berarducci: Automatic Synthesis of Typed Lambda-Programs on Term Algebras
Theoretical Computer Science, 1985, v39, pp. 135--154. )

De Haiku Barcelona:

Llueve y llueve
por mi aldea natal
ando descalzo.


Taneda Santôka. #haiku #poetry #Poesía

Grabado que ilustra el haiku: 'Lluvia primaveral' de Masao Ido. #art #arte

I wrote a new song!! :ablobcatrave:


A vocaloid song performed by Hatsune Miku~

It’s rather short and simple because it’s like a one week project for celebrating my coming vacation next week w but I felt good about making it :blobcatevil:

Music/ Lyric/ Vocaloid tuning/ Illustration/ Video: by me




Marx on the Tories 

Hello fediverse, I'm looking for a job! (milano or remote or consulting)

I am a creative technologist with a wide variety of experience:
- full-stack (node, react, sql, nosql, …)
- hardware design, embedded (C/C++)
- gamedev (Unity/C#)
- graphics (shaders/GLSL)
- linux + FOSS
- other programming languages: python, lua, clojure


I especially like working on creative applications, across traditional technology boundaries and growing my skillset.

RTs very appreciated!

The big new feature in this one are federated chats, but there are tons and tons of performance improvements and bug fixes as well.
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Migration will take some time, but not too long. On it was about 10 minutes.
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Alright everyone, the release candidate of Pleroma 2.1 is ready for public testing.

If you want to try it and are willing to report bugs, this is the relevant issue:

The branch is pleroma-2.1-rc0

You can use this branch from both the current stable and develop branch. If you want to switch from develop to stable during this release cycle, switch to this branch!
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