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You've never heard "heavy rain flooding the rail" or "damage to the electric third rail" sound this chill, I am begging you to take a listen pleeeease

@ljwrites I'm so delighted it was ScotRail because the accent is the best.

@bright_helpings Is it very different from English accents? I notice a few distinctive vowels but otherwise it sounds very "English" to my uneducated ears.

@ljwrites Oh yeah, it's distinctly Scottish. A "light," generic, standardized accent, for maximum intelligibility I imagine, but definitely not English.

@bright_helpings @ljwrites
Next time I'm on a Scotrail train, I'll definitely think of this when they announce the delays 😄

@wim_v12e @bright_helpings you may be late but you'll have chill lo-fi beats running through your head :its_cool:


@ljwrites @bright_helpings Not that I want to knock Scotrail, overall they're not too bad (which I guess might in itself be a very Scottish judgement. The only thing I'd really wish they'd do is enforce mask wearing). In Scotland, a train is only officially late if it arrives at its destination more than 5 minutes past schedule. I do like the announcement voices, they do sound a lot like the voiceover artist you posted. And the messages are real ones too.

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@wim_v12e @bright_helpings oh I gotta say that's a pretty good... track record! :blob_fingerguns: And yeah, it should sound similar since that's the actual Scotrail announcement recordings recently released to the public.

@ljwrites "track record" 🤣 Ah I see, this is actually the same person doing the official Scotrail announcements, that figures! I hadn't looked at her portfolio.

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