Energy mix projections for 2050. Scenarios from the International Energy Agency.

* STEPS = Stated Policies Scenario, takes account only of specific policies that are in place or have been announced by governments.

* APC = Announced Pledges Case, assumes that all announced national net zero pledges are achieved in full and on time, whether or not they are currently underpinned by specific policies.

Even in the very optimistic APC scenario, in 2050 still ~70% of energy will be from fossil fuels.

For electricity, APC is ~30%, so 70% from renewables.The problem is though that this is because renewables generation goes up, not because fossil fuel generation goes down. So emissions from fossil fuels don't actually decrease much, even in this optimistic scenario.

"Global electricity generation nearly doubles during the next three decades in the APC, rising from about 26800 terawatt‐hours (TWh) in 2020 to over 50000 TWh in 2050. Low‐emissions energy sources provide all the increase."

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@csepp Just to reinforce my message: saving energy is the only viable solution.

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