I went down a deep rabbit hole (and I'm still falling). It started out with the idea of trying to compile into LLVM IR (and maybe WASM). Now I've jumped ships mid-course and changed to C as a target; I will probably, out of sheer perverseness, do Fortran as well. So this is decompilation of a stack-based assembly language into a non-stack-based higher-level language.

It's one of these "how hard can it be?" things.

The answer in short is, it's impossible; but there are degrees of approximation, and they are increasingly difficult. So it's a lot of fun.

My compiler now works on the Uxntal "Hello, world" so I guess that's it, job done ^_^

Let me introduce "nito", a proof-of-concept compiler from to C.

You can find it at codeberg.org/wimvanderbauwhede.

I might still do an actual LLVM IR backend, and will almost certainly do Fortran as it is too good to let pass.

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