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What do hydrogen, quantum computers and satellites have in common? 🫧💻🛰️

They're all key technologies to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

Our #StrategicForesight report identifies 10 areas for action to maximise synergies between the green and digital transitions in the EU.

@EU_Commission These claims go entirely against the consensus in the field.

The projected growth in AI, blockchain, IoT will lead to a massive rise in emissions, not a reduction. And contrary to your claim, none of these technologies is essential in reducing emissions.

Quantum Computing is unlikely to be mainstream by 2050 and has currently no promise of energy efficiency. There are much more promising compute technologies. Space-based services cause emissions in the upper atmosphere which leads to additional warming of those layers, making global warming worse.

Please check with experts before posting things like this.(fwiw, I am an expert in low-carbon and sustainable computing so green & digital transition is my area)

@wim_v12e @EU_Commission The social media people running these accounts do not have the authority to decide what gets posted. There is a long chain of command, I hope you understand that. Contacting a MEP is probably your best bet.


@gargron @EU_Commission If the Commission wants to communicate to the public, then they have to communicate back the public's views to the decision makers as well.

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@wim_v12e @gargron @EU_Commission

I live in Brexit island (I didn't support or vote for it) so no longer can contact MEPs etc; but the way the Commission have set this up with 0 replies to the public comes across almost like a 1980s propaganda operation (even though I agree with and support a lot of what they are saying and doing!)

It was a perception of Brussels being "unaccountable" and "untouchable" which in part led to Brexit in my country..

@vfrmedia @wim_v12e @EU_Commission Do you think that Ursula von der Leyen is sitting on the Mastodon account or do you think that social media managers have the authority to off the cuff respond on behalf of the European executive body?

@gargron @wim_v12e @EU_Commission

I don't expect them to be able to respond informally, but I've worked in the UK Civil Service myself (pre social media) and there was a whole unit in the Chief Executives department that logged and replied to correspondence from citizens and activist groups, who did usually get /some/ kind of reply (and a file opened and kept on them, particularly persistent corresponders and activist groups!)

EU politics 

@vfrmedia @Gargron @wim_v12e @EU_Commission

Some of the EU accounts do respond, for example:

The EU has an entire instance of accounts:

Bear in mind this is a pilot project driven by pro-FOSS people within the EU, and which is opposed by anti-FOSS groups.

I'm sure you know from the civil service how tribal factions form in government?

I think we should engage with this EU instance, to support the pro-FOSS factions.

I'm critical of the communications here, but the support of research in general has been going on for ages and is generally very much appreciated on my end.
There are significant amounts of money set aside for stuff that *actually* has a chance to help reduce carbon emissions, i.e. transitioning most energy generation and use to renewable sources, adapting the electricity grid, transport... even for British universities (!)
@wim_v12e @gargron @EU_Commission

@wim_v12e @Gargron @EU_Commission No doubt they have a Ph D candidate or 2 implementing a sentiment analysis monitoring tool, as govts do with other social media... but here they'd have to do it instance by instance.

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