Hi folks,

A colleague of mine is running a survey on Sustainability in Software Practices.

If you are a "software practitioner", it would be great if you could complete it.

Thanks, and boosts welcome!


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@wim_v12e oh, 'software practitioner' is a nice phrasing!

@wim_v12e what the hell is a software practitioner

I'm a technical writer; do they care what I think?

@WizardOfDocs The survey is to hear people's thoughts on sustainability in their practice. If your work as a technical writer primarily deals with software, then as far as I am concerned, I care what you think.

To give some background, I had some discussions with my colleague where I explained my views on the need for sustainable computing, and he said that we should know what people in the industry currently think about this. So he put together a small team and they are doing focus groups in companies and this survey.

@wim_v12e @WizardOfDocs I think that having that context somewhere might help? I filled it in as a I trust you based on rep, and I'm an student. But I was reluctant to forward it to parties I thought were interesting as there's very little context on why you're collecting the data beyond "we may publish stuff"

@mdales Good point, thanks! I will repost it with the context.


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