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I wrote an article about the need for low-carbon and and the path towards zero-carbon computing.


** The problem:
* By 2040 emissions from computing alone will be close to half the emissions level acceptable to keep global warming below 2°C. This growth in computing emissions is unsustainable: it would make it virtually impossible to meet the emissions warming limit.
* The emissions from production of computing devices far exceed the emissions from operating them, so even if devices are more energy efficient producing more of them will make the emissions problem worse. Therefore we must extend the useful life of our computing devices.
** The solution:
As a society we need to start treating computational resources as finite and precious, to be utilised only when necessary, and as effectively as possible. We need frugal computing: achieving the same results for less energy.
** The vision: please read the article, I'm out of characters.

@wim_v12e thanks for writing this eye(further)opening article!
the environmental impact of computing is one of the reasons why I struggele with pursuing an "IT-career"
On one side i am amazed about what is possible and like to tinker arround with hard&software but on the other aide i am just scared how carelessly most IT-folks are showing off with their always bleeding edge hardware and litterally throwing it arround or abusing it with totally useless inefficcent software.


@glowl Thanks for reading it! There is really a huge need for change in attitude on all sides: manufactures, tech companies, IT people and end users. I am a computing scientists so I work on the technical side but the sociological and economical aspects are actually more important.

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@wim_v12e if i find the time i would like to translate the article into german, i know a few people who could benefit from reading it but aren't particularly fluent in english.

would that be ok for you?

@glowl Yes of course. My German is not good enough to write it but I'll be able to read the translation just fine. Thanks!

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