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Yay, I now have running on a PYNQ-Z1 FPGA board. It has a 650MHz dual-core Arm Cortex-A9 with 512MB RAM. That is not enough memory to run though.

f (r1,cst1,s1)
| s1 = f $ foldl (\(r,(max_,min_),s) e2 ->
if abs (max_-e2) == 1
|| abs (e2-min_) == 1
r' = filter (/= e2) r
max_' = max max_ e2
min_' = min min_ e2
) (r1,cst1,False) r1
| otherwise = (r1,cst1,s1)


-- given an ordered set of small integers, return all contiguous intervals

g st csts
| length st == 0 = csts
| otherwise =
e1:r1 = st
(r,cst,s) =
f (r1,(e1,e1),True)
g r (csts++[cst])

What is Misskey?

Misskey is a open-source decentralized microblogging service. Sophisticated fully customizable Ui, varieties of reaction for posts, free file storage providing integrated management system and other advancing functions are available. Also, network system called โ€œFediverseโ€ enables us to communicate with users on other SNSs. Like, if you post something, then your posts will sent not only to Misskey but also mastodon. Just imagine that the planet is sending a microwave to other planet to communication.

In an even more radical move, Twitter will also remove the "Reply" button.

Another Japanese word which I love is mucha, meaning reckless, absurd, or unreasonable. It's spelled ็„ก่Œถ, and the literal meaning is "no tea."

Which, as far as I'm concerned, is definitely reckless, absurd, and unreasonable.

The Japanese word for teapot is kyusu, written as ๆ€ฅ้ ˆ. Amusingly, those two characters individually mean sudden (ๆ€ฅ) and mandatory (้ ˆ), which is the sort of attitude I usually have where tea is concerned.

Currently installing arch Linux using the talking arch ISO. Turns out itโ€™s really easy to install arch Linux with a screen reader.
Iโ€™ve done this before, I just thought Iโ€™d share that it is possible.

This interactive comic on memorizing things is really something else

It might be something I could even do, since my life runs on index cards...

I don't feel myself inside any of those groups. I make software because it's magic. I'm a magician in front of the keyboard.

I change the world, my small world, with my coding.

Coding is like a superpower. Like commanding your skeleton army.

I code because I'm lazy. I use software to help me do other things that would be too difficult to do without it.

I'm not thinking on food, selling or anything else.

I have a superpower and it makes me have more reach than the simple human I was before.

pleroma development in a nutshell. if it seems overkill, it probably is, and we did it that way because we could.


Mastodon :mastodon: security:

In August, Mastodon 2.4.4 was released which contains two fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Today, 39.5% of all Mastodon instances which show their version number are still running vulnerable Mastodon < 2.4.4.

We already checked this twice:

โ€“ 10/1/18: 42% vulnerable
โ€“ 8/23/18: 38.6% vulnerable

Either the remaining instances are all unmaintained or admins refuse to update.

#mastodon #security #vulnerability #infosec #security #cybersecurity

"I am not a robot! I am not a robot!" I continue to yell as the Turing cops drag me away. "You told me to click on all traffic lights, but you didn't specify if you just meant the lights or if the metal pole also counts! Human language is ambig-- I meant natural language!"

Apparently I'm the third person in the world to download this software, according to the public stats ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

If you're interested in making computers automatically generate correct compilers, the GPLv3-licensed source code and git history that accompanies the paper "Synthesizing an Instruction Selection Rule Library from Semantic Specifications" is indeed buried in the Docker image provided with the paper:

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