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Begathon, signal boost OK 


I am squatting in an extremely dangerous situation. There's no power, people noticed and we were broken into last night.

I was homeless for 10 years. Now I'm trying to buy a home / land / not die on the streets.

I do not use corporate social media, so my reach is very low. Please help out by sharing.

Thank you

Trans people are like "hormones are amazing they changed my life!" *forgets injection* *puts off blood work* *misses refils*


i'll have to find some other writing framework

now, if you would, please join me for a moment of Peanut Butter Jelly Silence.

i saw an anti-trans new instance on fediverse dot to and got adjacently "inspired" :blobsweats:

"dick weenicus" my penis instance. penistence, if you will (i say rhetorically)

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