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pride drawing :asexual_flag: :aromantic_flag: :rainbow_flag: :nonbinary_flag: 

many ppl on dA are drawing 'pride OCs' & i gave it a try w/the character i use for my current icon. (details: , , , yes the very real (thc) vape pen is a replacement for the cigarette in my original drawing πŸ˜…

Darkestville Castle fanart 

i /love/ this game & i love Cid

'Darkestville Castle' is a point & click adventure game from Argentina (steam:

, , (actually wouldn't it be) (?), ,

i'm actually really pleased/surprised w/how this came out ;0;

(& apologies for the repost, i forgot to copy/save the image description)

re: [new] art, personal (+) 

i like doing these drawings but just me as the subject is not very appealing so i added my Chloe & made my hair way less green/more blue-ish --


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420, drawn eye contact 

happy 4/20! i'm apparently stuck on 'unnerving faces' when it comes to my art right now, apologies for that. , #420, ~


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