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i headbutted deadmau5 off a very tall building during a concert last night // deadgoa7 - Goat Simulator OST (

knuckle tattoo recommendation, twitter link 

for those of you who don't yet have knuckle tattoos & might want them, i submit to you this suggestion
[knuckle tattoos, courtesy of my friend (]

anti-trans trans ppl stamps 

stamps seen in an uninterrupted row. i also saw another group called 'Actually Transgender' or something & its tagline was 'non-dysphoric = cisgender' holy fcuk fuck OFF

re: Misfits, cissexism, transmisia, gun threat 

to illustrate here are these screenshots to help me when words fail (like now/often/always) // the first 2 are from the 2nd to the last episode of the 4th season & the last one is from the last episode of season 4 as well. entirely through a cis lens unfortunately & it bothered me a lot more this time. i'm glad it's over

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edited selfie, no eye contact 

(what didn't fit in the image description was that all the characters on the shirt are on their respective sides of this image) i don't 100% h8 my face, what o___0

i finished Transference last night. it was good & short but emotional. & gets points for jump-scares that don't involve loud noises plus i got this from the loading screen

drawn self portrait, self injury scars 

"vent art" re: breakup i've been trying to process. i learned a lot from doing this & i'm eager to do more, even if it's just for myself

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420, drawn eye contact 

happy 4/20! i'm apparently stuck on 'unnerving faces' when it comes to my art right now, apologies for that. , #420, ~

all they need now is a 'petting a cacodemon' achievement & then i can say i got all the ones that really matter

me, online: words are for chumps. words AND images? now dat i can get behind, Yug! you read this in Joey's voice.... didn't you

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