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lewd drawing, version 2 [6.00-6.25p] 

he got back to me & said "I love the drawing 😱 that's awesome and amazing. Those ears and that last one with the cum are fucking stellar" oh man :blobcataww:

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lewd drawing, version 1 [12.30p] 

here's the draw i've been drawing all day for :pixel_heart_purple:

WIP dog drawing 

WIP of yet another attempt at drawing my dog Chloe. probably the most accurate i've done yet. but animals are NOT easy for me, lol.

self portrait, eye contact 

someday I'll shower again.... i just know it.. :thinknyan:

very (very) edited selfie, drawn eye contact; i'll never be too old for X because Y & also cute (stock) rat! (finally i got around to editing the picture i took this morning :-b )

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pride drawing :asexual_flag: :aromantic_flag: :rainbow_flag: :nonbinary_flag: 

many ppl on dA are drawing 'pride OCs' & i gave it a try w/the character i use for my current icon. (details: , , , yes the very real (thc) vape pen is a replacement for the cigarette in my original drawing πŸ˜…

Darkestville Castle fanart 

i /love/ this game & i love Cid

'Darkestville Castle' is a point & click adventure game from Argentina (steam:

, , (actually wouldn't it be) (?), ,

i'm actually really pleased/surprised w/how this came out ;0;

(& apologies for the repost, i forgot to copy/save the image description)

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