lewd drawing, version 1 [12.30p] 

here's the draw i've been drawing all day for :pixel_heart_purple:

lewd drawing, version 2 [6.00-6.25p] 

he got back to me & said "I love the drawing 😱 that's awesome and amazing. Those ears and that last one with the cum are fucking stellar" oh man :blobcataww:

re: lewd drawing ranting 

why make defined bodies when vague shapes will do (or its a WIP)

i am surprised it even looks like what i imagined. i have to draw in iterations so i focus on small details at a time and I'm sure I'm missing everything else i got wrong but, like I said, iterations. I'll fix whatever i miss in the future.

please, i only have a little attention to span! teaching myself artstuff means i can go at my own pace. why do you think i've been taking my time since I was a kid, lol. bc i'm the teacher :blobthinkingeyes: :blobthinkingglare:

(i'm making up someone getting upset at me preemptively, huh. i probably shouldn't do that, lol. working on it)

anyways i wanted to share. (-:

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