📌 acct details 

• unlisted &/or public posts ok to boost unless otherwise specified
• follows ok


re: 📌 acct details, important note 

[i've taken inspiration from another fediverse user in order to pin this]

please note: if you interact w/me & i don’t reply to you or acknowledge you even though i’m posting, etc., i’m not ignoring you, i’m just too overwhelmed for social interaction at the moment

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friend code(s) ★ 

if you want to be friends & stuff feel free,(-: :animal_crossing:

pokémon go: 7643 6477 4392
pikmin bloom: 8751 5955 3644
duel links - [main]: 936-989-923, [2nd]: 376-930-218, & PC: 332-357-309 (least used acct currently)
switch: 5176-9172-8713
steam: https:// ~ steamcommunity.com/id/weirdokay

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