about me, /01 

emery, 28, trans queer aroace, nb agender robot, he &/or they, on the autistic spectrum: autie w/a learning disability/learning deficits, is mentally ill, & has executive function problems+

INFJ, small dog dad, neutral good, friend of robots & other electronic devices, anxious dyscalculic emo femme boy (ro)bot & living chromatic abberation, amateur digital artist & handheld camera photo person, & music stimmer

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about me, /05 

k͟e͟y͟w͟o͟r͟d͟s͟: weird, trans, autistic, learning disabled, gay, aroace, adhd, emo, enby, bpd, avpd, dead+

t͟h͟e͟m͟e͟(͟s͟)͟: kindness & honesty, acknowledging & admitting when i'm wrong, studying human behavior(s), attempts to fix my broken brain (friends? how?)

about me, /07 

neurotic autistic gay genderqueer fᐃg :oh_no_bubble:, novogamous, mlm.
⚧︎♂⚣♤ :rainbow_flag: 💔 :autism: :dog_tilting_head: :adhd: :genderqueer_flag: :queer:

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