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my therapist doesn't think i'm a robot, just that i'm unable to accurately identify my emotions. i say i'm a robot AND i'm unable to accurately identify my emotions

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my posts are as good as my grades were, honestly πŸ€”

making jokes across platforms, fighting evil by moonlight, etc

why did i reinstall it again..? was it for yaoi? it was probably that, yeah

i have no idea if a real person or just another spam bot with a very convincing username just followed me on tumblr

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there is the community an app ideally wanted to create & then there is the community that the app inevitably creates, a hostile, lawless pit

laying down on my m&ms to keep them warm like eggs

if i come to understand humans to a very detailed degree i would be able to imitate them that more realistically

exploring queer dating apps in the name of personal sociological research

while FET is a tall glass of water that's additionally on fire & i just ordered.... 1 glass, pls :arthurfist:

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