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my therapist doesn't think i'm a robot, just that i'm unable to accurately identify my emotions. i say i'm a robot AND i'm unable to accurately identify my emotions

Boadicea, Only Time - Enya // a song that slaps indeed

im not gonna punish or hard force anyone to do anything in this regard but i do request that people talking about the bad orange man's latest bullshit to consider using CWs

there's some open debate to be had about CWing the american political circus sure and if you really think your take just HAS to be out there, im not going to stop you, but do consider your role in perpetuating the spectacle vs engaging with politics in a meaningful and impactful way

No matter how hard I look elsewhere, this is probably the most perfect PC to walk into starbucks and sit next to a macbook air user with

bot-stuff Show more uses StyleGAN to procedurally generate human faces from source photographs. It generates a new face every time you reload the page.

It's a little unsettling to look at relatively high-res photographs of people who never existed. :ghost_gif:

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Okay, folks. I've got an awesome, plural, enby friend named Saoirse, living in Portland, OR. They're in a bit of a bind, though. Their ED treatment center bounced them (for what I understand to be subpar reasons), and they're homeless until their transitional housing program has a bed open up. The bottom of the couch barrel has been scraped, and it dries up this weekend. The cash barrel is also being scraped clean.

In short, money or couches in Portland would be massively appreciated. Money can go to$saoirseseesall or (forgive the facehell fundraiser for not having been updated since they were inpatient, I'll encourage the mutual friend maintaining it to update it). Couch offers can just be DM'd at me, or at Saoirse through hellbook.

Anything is appreciated, even (especially) just boosts.

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i don't know if i did that correctly. i still need to reteach myself wordsmithery

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