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cismen falling victim to their own assumption that truth and desire are mutually coherent. The idea is that if a thing is true, you will naturally feel the right way about it, and conversely, if a thing does not ring true, then it doesn't matter if you feel right about it.

Take a baptism; a community gathering where a new birth is introduced to the local community. Did you hear about Janet & Johnet? They had a baby! Little Jobby, aren't they cute!?

Now put an atheist in the back of the room, frowning about a poor child being inducted into false beliefs, to be exploited for its time and money until it maybe breaks away to find its own truth, or maybe stays asleep until it has kids to induct on its own and then dies, expecting a false afterlife.

You need to tell that person to chill and go get some free cookies & coffee from the narthex. Incomplete truth does not negate the real social & emotional effect of the event.

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thinkin a lot about... comprehension versus compassion... and the ways in which especially cishet men withhold compassion under the excuse that they merely lack comprehension... if they can only comprehend then ✨ of course ✨ they would have compassion

but that comprehension never comes. hm.


King Kong, monster movie series, is about Men

whoa Matt Smith was in Morbius?

maybe we shoulda watched that movie


Man i'm not looking forward to trying to sleep tonight

I might dread the hyper-dreaming if I didn't believe it to be good for me

I actually dread the late-night... well, dread. The whirlwind of what-ifs and what-nows and oh-dear-gods

Maybe knowing that I can mute them if needed, it's not a life sentence. If it gets terrible again, I do know the solution. I just need to not employ the solution constantly.

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I didn't take yesterday off in a big way, so split up battery & cart and somehow respected my mental note to keep them apart today. I'm hoping to ride the pain train through this weekend, for funzies.

So all day there's been this undercurrent of regret, a pang of sadness, my anandemide receptors are starved
But I'm not going to feed them from the outside anymore
I'm going to go on all organic bliss, natural non-GMO self-produced real shit

I rarely make it three days, we'll see if I can make it through two

Bring on the depression & vibes

I need to stop poking the bear

But the fatalism of a doomed account is granting me irresponsible boldness

Sent out some follow requests from my xorbe

we'll see if I post to it the same way

I looked through my followers to see who A. I know or have met in real life and B. seems to have an upkept non-cybre account (and C. tolerates my presence)

if you'd like to keep in touch and haven't see something, go ahead and reply or DM me. There are a few of you I'll need to chase down (or remeet in person)

Well, it may beat us at chess and pass the turing test with language and stuff, but those are all pretty orderly. It could never beat a human at soft stuff, like art or music and


I still find myself with tidbits

Notable enough to want to share, not enough to write down and follow up on

Not enough to share with the wide world which does not care, but worthy of some level of knownness

What I'm saying is I may take up a fedi alt after all


oh my god these people are still talking

Thesis: words are poor emotiographs

Smileys help, but are a unary dictionary of limited size.

The gif keyboard is the analog language

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I have used the phrase "metamind", but that's not right. What we have is a rough intermind.

messages are thoughts
Content its records
Memes its patterns

my last-second evolution into a sea lion was a plot twist

If I hadn't turned on Forget at some point I'd grieve the lost posts; even so I grieve turning Forget on before now being able to export them

We can move instances, keep track of each other

It won't be the same

But that's the point of federacy; no one node can or must stay up forever

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Well... shit.

I'm midkey paranoid that the shit I started yesterday inspired this trigger to be pulled

I was worried about the instance-blocking rifts that stuff like that can cause

This is not caused by that but effectively worse

Well, it's been real, y'all

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see the end-of-life plan for details: