Regular cc did not capture the quote, though this also captured it badly.

But it well sums up the antidote to aimless ill-feeling; the hatred for figureheads that absolves us of responsibility through inability

If bezos were lex luthor causing climate change, if trump singlehandedly spread covid to the states, if biden caused the oil crisis and putin the war, we victims could simply eliminate those villains and solve everything.

But alas, to ship from Amazon or an etsy store, you must consume several kilojoules, burned from hydrocarbon or charged into rare earth batteries. Not enough of us could stay home at once to stop covid, masks and lockdowns or no. I can't say what the russians' motivation is, but I know the minds that feel that way are plural.

Thus we agonize and wish for sudden change, though it may only come through the continuation of current slow progress.

space engineers 

very normal blueprints on a sunday

Text that's in all caps but you can tell they capitalized too many of the words anyway

Well, it may beat us at chess and pass the turing test with language and stuff, but those are all pretty orderly. It could never beat a human at soft stuff, like art or music and



oh my god these people are still talking

Wordle sorta spoilers 

Oh, come on! How would *you* describe plastic rod-and-clamp building materials?

This image from the twitter not-logged-in page gives a pretty solid impression of what it feels like to read timelines

AI art 

It knows what color it should be, but not the stomach feathers

I was thinking "Character select screen and you've picked Totoro" but it's probably seen more play of games than game screenshots themselves

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AI art 

Spelling is and has always been the cutest part

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AI art 

"Sonic The Hedgehog is found guilty in his court case"

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I've been given power with which I should not be trusted

In the ENFP list: every actor

This website is telling me to hop a bus to hollywood and show up rain-drenched in an agent's office tomorrow morning

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