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Suricrasia Online is changing the world! How? uhhhhhhhhhhhh

@SuricrasiaOnline Can I get uhhhhhh CARTILAGE pizza and a two liter coke

      Ray @weird_hell

@SuricrasiaOnline Originally did not see the first toot, saw "uhhh" and brain went "BONELESS" at me.

Other option:
Can I get uhhhhhh BONELESS shark girl and a two liter coke

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@SuricrasiaOnline @weird_hell I'm p sure the skeleton's made of cartilage but I'm working on 20 year old grade school biology here

@Elizafox @SuricrasiaOnline yup I do think you're right

Also just figured out using "shark" as a replacement swear kinda works. I mean holy shark. Check this shark out bro shark's going down for REAL

I'm the shark


@Elizafox @SuricrasiaOnline exactly. Just make sure my shark don't got no bone in it