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day 4 after losing the battery notes:

- 2/4 days fully weedless; day 1 was weedless accidentally, day 2 I bought some edibles to tie me over (?); day 3 weedless by choice (!!), day 4 rewarded self for day 3. I midkey regret that choice, but if I let it inform days 5 and 6, then it'll be worth it.

- dreaming seems to be happening more on weedless nights, though I don't remember, obviously. Day 2 had a memorable dream, but it was generic hornt.

- making significant headway cleaning the room... which is where I lost the battery. Still, I've seen parts of the floor that I haven't in months, so that's progress. I've reacquired a plethora of shirts, several water bottles, and a chia pet.

- lung recovery was immediate and then slow. Day 2 I noticed that the occasional burnt-skin pain on breathing was gone, nothing noticeable since then. If I were a skientist I should've been tracking some athletics-measurement baseline, but it's worth it either way for cancer reasons, and that knowledge is enough.


Which isn't to say I'm not taking any vasodilators - I've been having some kind of caff inconsistently daily for a week or two, sans one day awoken early and cold turkey that i slept through, and another (yesterday) where I had a headache and it was too late in the day by the time I got my hands on any.

Empirically it's easier to quit than cannabinoid, so I'll tolerate that addiction while I quell this one.

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