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cismen falling victim to their own assumption that truth and desire are mutually coherent. The idea is that if a thing is true, you will naturally feel the right way about it, and conversely, if a thing does not ring true, then it doesn't matter if you feel right about it.

Take a baptism; a community gathering where a new birth is introduced to the local community. Did you hear about Janet & Johnet? They had a baby! Little Jobby, aren't they cute!?

Now put an atheist in the back of the room, frowning about a poor child being inducted into false beliefs, to be exploited for its time and money until it maybe breaks away to find its own truth, or maybe stays asleep until it has kids to induct on its own and then dies, expecting a false afterlife.

You need to tell that person to chill and go get some free cookies & coffee from the narthex. Incomplete truth does not negate the real social & emotional effect of the event.

On the flipside, sometimes a ciswoman gets mad at you, demands an explanation, gets one, and then hits you with an "I just don't understand!" Because she's not done being mad at you yet, hang the truth, who cares about the traffic, you were late and I was alone and why didn't you think about that beforehand and leave early, asshole?

So none of us have our brain halves balanced all the time, basically.

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