See, actually, invite-only is genius. Even if we all know that a new platform only replaces existing if it offers something fundamentally new (and 'the same but with noncorp modding' is a feature only for some), because it's new, and because it's shareable, it's an exclusive club. Everyone's gonna be jealous, and everyone wants in, whether sensible or not.

"everyone", in this case, meaning "me".

The correct answer, of course, is not to transfer to a new social media platform.

The correct answer is to graduate, from social media platforms.

journaling doesn't have the same kind of rush as florp buttons do
but maybe that's why

A posting Outlet is an antimemetic parasite.
Voluntarily, compulsorily, it's where all my thoughts go.

I uninstalled the addicted apps off my phone. The browser was the most missed; even the thoughts about not having the apps formed into a witty one-liner in my head, and I was desperate to share it here.

And so it must go. DM me for contact info.

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hello from my desktop.

Having you all unavailable at a moment's notice has been... a vibe.

I uninstalled, reinstalled, and then reuninstalled youtube.

If in fits and starts, then in fits and starts, if at all.

@weird_hell Take care of yourself. If you ever return, I'm sure I'll be here. XD

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