I spent part of my morning just looking at Ivan Vlaimirov paintings. He was a Realist painter who served in the Petrograd militia during the October Revolution.

Anyway this one is called "Down With The Eagles." Revolutionaries are ripping an Imperial eagle off a drugstore.

This one is The Abdication of the Czar. Portraits of the czar and his family are destroyed by celebrating revolutionaries.

The Barricades of the Red Guards, 1971. Vladimirov was a draftsman and didn't really embellish much.

In The Moments of Rest, 1917. I love this lady, totally not bothered with her big-ass cavalry sabre.


@InternetEh -extremely "hire a samurai" voice-

I think the world was safer when we had swords and not guns.
A sword is a weapon. A person holding a sword might kill you! But a sword is much easier to see on a person, and must be used from close(ish) range.
If you see a person holding a sword, you *know* not to piss them off. And to run away if you do!

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