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If you ever see IRM on an arcade machine, that might be me. If you see AAA: definitely me.

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I think I just figured out that the amogus aphex twin is Jerma?

You know what? Fuck you. *animates your drums correctly*

But actually

The number of PC games that connect to a mobile app and then do anything real with that mobile app is TOO DAMN LOW

if I can't do canon chao-raising, I'll make up my own tamogatchi
allow stat-raising without repetitive grinding play. Aint nobody got time for that.

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Technobabble and lore are the same thing on the opposite ends of time
info from the (past/future) that explain what you're seeing now

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They should give me Director on Sonic Adventure 3
gonna put upgrades in the chaos emeralds, I got lore

irm continues considering more ethical self-transportation 

a $15k 2017 pih volt has a price less than half the min of a new ev, and range enough to not strand me... at 50 miles when its battery runs out

I suppose I wouldn't mind a car that occasionally goes vroom instead of never

the 2012 focus is even affordabler, hard 75 range but does have j1772

also leafs are cheap as, apparently. that and a focus are like 8k.

any would be less likely to make me destitute than the strictly thirty-to-fifty-thou prices of new shit

Wordle 335 6/6


Thanks I hate it


Because the evil is not of guilt & greed of individuals, the evil is the damage caused by the functions of the system. There are no heads to put on stakes.

Much as the right's raid on washington was never going to solve pizzagate, lynching musk and bezos won't improve factory worker conditions.

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if your meme's villain is 'capitalists', then you're getting mad at capitalism wrong.

BS (unknown info or misinfo) 

The memory-leech episode of rick and morty is about parasocial relationships

pronoun set 

For which the appropriate naming noun is "guy"

What if we gave nouns, as well as pronouns.
The part of speech for "Hi, I'm Name; I'm a ____."
I think I'd find myself frustrated as ever, holding down a well-actually whenever someone uses a "-ale" instead of "-an" in that slot.

I felt comfortable telling that cis man he could just say "man" intead of announcing his primary sex characteristics, but I was not about to tell that trans man it was innaccurate to describe himself that way, heeell naw.

I do think it's useful, just, like, lexicographically, to have distinguished terms for sex(male/female/neuter/xeno), gender(man/woman/person/enby), and affect (masculine/feminine/androgynous(?)/(????)), but it seems that the first set often stand in for the second. Axab go in slot 1 unequivocally, but are lingo that must be taught. Aliensite's common workaround is "genital-noun havers" or "owners", which is wildly clunky, and possibly antineogenitalic.

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pronoun set 

if I weren't a dork I wouldn't point out how this tacitly implies "Halo/eh"

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pronoun set 

'guy' feels improper.
What is the noun?
That: Thing?
That Which: Is?
That is a pretty is is, innit?

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pronoun set 


Example usage:
I think that is a pretty cool guy.
Which kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything.



Alright I'm into it
disambiguation is more of a task than predicted
I kinda look forward to getting The Vision for these someday

coding challenge

you have a file with this header

it's probably compressed image/s.

how do we even go about starting to try to force it open

Legit did not occur to me until writing it down that the line is
and you will SEEEE

Because it's "say".
I Need an ipa keyboard on my phone

God that song fucking rules

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