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If you ever see IRM on an arcade machine, that might be me. If you see AAA: definitely me.

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Wandersong GOTY 2018

probably not debatable

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Hey segafriends, so say, just for argument, that I want to make a siivagunner of precisely Casino Night Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Can you recommend a tracker and/or mod file source for me to rearrange the patches from?

I see an .xm on modArchive, but it sounds more 90s-midi than Genesisy. I'm guessing that's a side-effect of player bitrate?

obnoxious rhyme book fragment, in caps 


space engineers 

blueprint captured:

after completing the drill stack to the printer's size limits,

but before it hit the ground and exploded because I deleted one too many of the support blocks.

I swear it was supported on the other side

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space engineers 

very normal blueprints on a sunday

Text that's in all caps but you can tell they capitalized too many of the words anyway

Econ metaphor 

People who think we can just not buy russian oil be like:

I don't like my water from east coasts. The tides are too low here! people keep taking water, the oceans will drain! I'm gonna source my water from the *west* coast, where the tides are still high and it's ethical to take water. Maybe other people are still draining the ocean over there, but at least I'm doing my part!

Real typo 

Your soft-where is where you can be found in presentation: your website, your email, various handles
Your hard-where is your location, an address, a state, hanging off the side of a train about to enter a tunnel, etc.

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It has been brought to my attention that:

So maybe there hasn't been a downturn after all

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Day... 6?

My lungs (or, y'know, assembled breathing apparatus, including the windpipe and stuff) feel fucked up yesterday and today, worse than the first few days.

Maybe it's starting to heal? Maybe the nerves there are complaining because they're used to getting juiced?

Idk, but I'm happy to ride it out and see what happens.

Though the search to throw away all this progress continues


'Dreams are self-education' theory:
Yesterday I rode without sufficient safety equipment and it was fine; learning from that would lead me to be complacent with something dangerous

Dreams are how your brain can say "but maybe it would not have been fine" and make you experience that, enough to learn to care

Wear ur protection

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Included having gunk in my hair and having lost a few fingers

So y'know pretty even on the whole

Misgrammatical cursing that just happened 



Which isn't to say I'm not taking any vasodilators - I've been having some kind of caff inconsistently daily for a week or two, sans one day awoken early and cold turkey that i slept through, and another (yesterday) where I had a headache and it was too late in the day by the time I got my hands on any.

Empirically it's easier to quit than cannabinoid, so I'll tolerate that addiction while I quell this one.

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day 4 after losing the battery notes:

- 2/4 days fully weedless; day 1 was weedless accidentally, day 2 I bought some edibles to tie me over (?); day 3 weedless by choice (!!), day 4 rewarded self for day 3. I midkey regret that choice, but if I let it inform days 5 and 6, then it'll be worth it.

- dreaming seems to be happening more on weedless nights, though I don't remember, obviously. Day 2 had a memorable dream, but it was generic hornt.

- making significant headway cleaning the room... which is where I lost the battery. Still, I've seen parts of the floor that I haven't in months, so that's progress. I've reacquired a plethora of shirts, several water bottles, and a chia pet.

- lung recovery was immediate and then slow. Day 2 I noticed that the occasional burnt-skin pain on breathing was gone, nothing noticeable since then. If I were a skientist I should've been tracking some athletics-measurement baseline, but it's worth it either way for cancer reasons, and that knowledge is enough.

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On the flipside, sometimes a ciswoman gets mad at you, demands an explanation, gets one, and then hits you with an "I just don't understand!" Because she's not done being mad at you yet, hang the truth, who cares about the traffic, you were late and I was alone and why didn't you think about that beforehand and leave early, asshole?

So none of us have our brain halves balanced all the time, basically.

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