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I am at a metal-ass goth/punk show and there's a woman here in a wheelchair

Solidly three or four rows of the crowd have left a gap so she can still see the stage

Humans are fuckin good people, yall

Just got denied extended unemployment so I’m totally out of money and options. Still need about $200 to cover rent. Thank you to all who have helped so far.

weight, + 

I suddenly realize I could have copy-pasted the alt text from the webpage I have open on the other half of this monitor but. I didn't.

Thanks, lynne!


Haxe cross-compiles to Errithang. compiles and runs in its own vm, but can also run interpreted. and it has macros. cuz loul.

medical, + 

insufficient context, a swear 

queer + caps 

queer + caps 

death grips 

4am math thoughts 

unnecessary caps 

re: fractela 

still have never understood what this phrase means but I just said it as a genuine reaction so I guess that means now I do? Anyway fractela 

gaming hnot take 

celeste, *spoilers*, salt 

celeste, not really spoilers 

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