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socialist teeth 

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socialist teeth 

gendered pronouns question, but not those pronouns 

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Me: ah, I feel cool and normal and good. I am operating normally.

Also me: *still hasn't gotten out if the car*



queerness, names 

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defractelated, queerness 

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band name but it's a fractela from yesterday 

Looking for a 2D animator for a short project! Marginalized folks especially encouraged to apply! This is a paid gig!

Interested? Email with your portfolio!

Please boost!

gendered pronouns question, but not those pronouns 

computer hardware question 

Anybody got an extra HDMI switcher they want to sell me?

If not, recs? Just need to be able to plug 3 or 4 outputs in and push buttons to choose between which goes to an hdmi out

The shenanigans grammar of this post brought to you by speech to text resulting in some kind of shenanigans grammar

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I think Google knows I'm trans

I asked it to played a bill wurtz song and it shuffled afterwards. The first song in that list was by Left At London, who I had never heard of before but in a playlist with snails house and tally Hall the fact that is fronted by a trans lady makes me feel like maybe that's why it was picked

But I should head home and act like this was just a diversion in the workday like I'm pretending it is, and not checking out the rest of the day. But this is prolly my last excuse for a while to be down here. Next time I refill prescription, I suppose.

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Am in redmond again for work reasons

Was going to propose earlier if anyone in the area wanted to, like, get ice cream outside 6 ft apart on a public bench or something, but then it was pouring rain

It isn't really pouring rain around here, though?

Mastodon front-end users: have you considered turning off boosts, in the Home timeline settings?

if you're getting a lot of noise and not a lot of signal in your timeline, dropping boosts may help

you can turn it back on later

I never learned what "praxis" means

But I'm not too afraid to ask

I get the general sense? Like, I could make the meme with it, because meme construction for self-care is praxis, but I dooooon't really know what the definition is. It's not principle, but it's principled. More like... practice. Wait hold on is it a pun???

Anyway halp. Plss explain praxis to me.

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