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Me, reading over this contract and noticing all the little ways I am being or could be screwed over.

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Shputouts to my brain for having a pretty cool idea for a horror/survival game but introducing me to it in a nightmare.

Oops, shouldn't have sent that at 4am. But fuck it! Got it sent. Needed to do that. That's almost everything I was responsible for today.

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Solar eclipse: you gotta travel to like one stripe of land in ohio if you wanna see me
lunar eclipse: uhhhhhhh this half

blog update: itch is happy to host Devlogs for you, but they're for a particular game. Not 100% a ideal vessel in which to join the blogosphere.

Hey! Blog friends! Recommendations? Is the answer 'get some hosting and run a wordpress site'?

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Hm. Felt an urge to not talk to that person, which is concerning. I say to myself I want to be alone with my thoughts so I can write. I think I felt the pull of another wasted evening, given what the talking came along with.
but the act of not wanting to talk to someone makes me suspicious - that's what depression do to you, and it's good at disguise checks

I'm watching you, me!

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