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@HTHR do you know whose is the whiteboard that made the lost levels sign?

Yes I do assume she didn't have my best interests in mind or genuine interest

If I were her and bold enough to try to pick up a stranger on the street, someone who looks like would not be my first choice. Or my second. Of the three. I might stereotypically look the most desperate, and I had... an american accent? And probably seemed like I had money.

I just don't get it. It doth not compute.

name that scam: it is very late at night. A trio of male-presenting tourists are walking down the sidewalk. A car pulls over and the passenger-side window rolls down. An attractive woman flirtily tries to talk to those on the street and asks one of them to c'mere.

Was that... a failed mugging? Was I about to be sold tupperware? drugs? sex?

What did they want? I don't get it.

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Should probably do a new introductions post with the new gamezzz account

Also update the ol' gender I suppose. I betcha that's not totally accurate any more.

Yeah I thought that might be the case
hey @KitRedgrave I met @ExpiredPopsicle at gdc tonight and she's cool as fuck

Also hi Kiri, my name's Ray when I'm not in stealth mode which I super will be this week.

yeah I'm riding the BART!
Running this

Touchdown! Point, seattle, breaking their longstanding 14-14 tie with san francisco

in this metaphor I am a football

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I have come up with a toot so personal and embarrassing that instead of posting it amywhere It's gonna be my secret thing only I would know in case a future self or clone ever has to prove to me that they're me.

Hell yeah hell yeah we found something jank enough to do business cards out of

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