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Wandersong GOTY 2018

probably not debatable

In an effort to double-check my sources:
what happened to freenode? Did they do something wrong? Do we know this isn't character assassination?

Gonna make my first rap album 35000 unique words just to kill that leaderboard


Things were going so well
things are going so well, right now! It is because things are going well that I found it! (This is only somewhat true)

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haven't used it yet though
spending like a week dreading the moment I fund it again may have had an effect
I don't have to
I don't know that I want to?
but I could

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on appearances 

amongst folks mutually complimenting on new styles, whilst outfitted in t-shirt and jeans

I say or imply I'm 'not at liberty' to experiment, but that's not true. I could experiment, but that implies the ability to gather data. I could wear something femme-coded around the house, but for whose benefit?
and so when it comes time to again see seattle's folks, I haven't practiced, didn't leave the house in anything but default, easy, unoutfitted.

lyricsposting to the song in my head yes I skipped some lines 

Hooow is it all of the people can know who you are

dreams, drugs. +? 

context: I lost my weed pen again, somewhere between the car and my bedroom, so I'll surely find it again at some point.

Dream: I find the pen, right here lying in bed, and immediately take a hit. I wake back up for a moment.

I feel like this was a test, and I failed.

Or else, this is a test, and my parasympathetic nervous system has just found the sympathetic nerve that likes to use the pen - a behavior that is chemically rewarded every time it executes, regardless of my opinion on the matter.

Later, I am on elysium, fightinng with Odin, the allfather, who is way bigger than me and definitely going to fuck me up. Normally I would be able to call for aid from the gods, but Odin's pissed at me and the others are surrounded by a chain. I have to somehow acquire mjolnir and beat the chain apart to save myself. At the end of the scene I somehow have the hammer and started smashing. The chain is weakening, but has it broken yet...?

Heck I can't even use my phone with both hands without bending my wrist back

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Gdi my wrist hurts
I've overused my fingers' ability to hold buttons down and now I have to rest it or it will get worse but I don't waaaaant to
what do I do with an evening besides typing or video games

Hey is there anything to know about ssd brands or should I just buy one


D̶w̶a̶r̶f̶ Mermaid Girlfriend Fortress

Turns out: not being awake before noon also means I don't have to answer phone calls since the telemarketers and boomers that call instead of any communication method I want to recieve seem to do so in the morning


Listen. I'm stupid, but I'm not stupid.

I'm not a masochist but there is a voice somewhere inside me that says "wow, yeah, that did hurt. I bet it'd hurt a little less next time though"

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like wow I did crunches once like three days ago and I'm still sore

time to DO MORE

what would the protag of a well-known FPS say if he was warning you that he had an STD 

Do me, turn ill

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