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@zigg Hey, if I haven't mentioned already, I'm helping my friend Dan learn open-source contributing on fediplay. He's the current PR and will probably send a new one every couple of weeks. Comments or fixes would be welcome! (and then we can have him experience tidying up a PR for push as well)

-Extremely PSA voice-: this is the lane for bypassing the slowdown. If you'd like to be part of the Slowdown, please use the other lane.

Just watched a school bus get stuck behind a school bus.

@fluffy aw crap. I slacked on nailing down plans... and now I have another commitment tonight. Get any other bites? Want to birthday tomorrow? And... dinner? Movie? Drinks?

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I got a whole lot of done today. Shoutouts to adhd mitigation strategies.

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gonna see about building that lappy finally, or at least kragleing the part that needs kragleing. That's first. Then other things maybe.

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