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You can tell a compelling story about anything.
"Anything?", you ask?
Person drives by street sign they don't understand.

video games 

video games 

vine 2 

vine 2 

finding motivation 

fractela, yeah still, though for slightly different reasons now, a swear 


fractela, not lewd 

experimental game design. lewd? 


my dad just turned the last lights out on me and went to bed

I think he doesn't know I was here at all

Like, fair, I've been silent since before he came up. But still. !?

ha ha, mh! #relatable 

an android system notification pops up. a small grey oval at the bottom of the screen, relaying a short message: 

job hunt 

holy crap, it's been so long my desktop's login token expired.

hello again, home computer!

re: speaking of names 

the hottest, newest math take nobody's ever had before for sure 

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