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What if:
my avatar's face looked anything at all like me... 🤔

Never listened to this album, but it has the best title officially 

Video about a genre of game I really enjoy playing, and want to make/see more of for sure. Doesn't go as deep as you could about why these kinds of challenges are so satisfying to take on, but it's intuitively clear to me.

CC @mogwai_poet if you haven't seen this already

mostly nothing poll 

Nope still german
Maybe it changes on the day! You know, to broaden our horizons a bit.

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Okay so uh
yt music embeds seem to just... pick a language. TMBG was in arabic (I think) and HP was german
let's see what Tally Hall gets:


Always makes me a little nervous when I write a 'viral' toot

luckily they're only ever bitesized humorous ones, but yeah.

Breonna Taylor, pol 

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mh lol 

Breonna Taylor 

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Breonna Taylor 


Been doing The Right Thing for a number of days now, reaping the benefits

feel the encroaching "don't wanna"s, however. We'll see if I can put them off to saturday.

Took meds, don't need caffiene. Want caffiene tho

pol thoughts 

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meta thoughts 


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