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Tired: switching from phone to computer for more powerful hardware

Wired: switching from phone to computer for a more comfirtable focal length

Let it be known that this morning I got up on time and did some shit I had to do.

Really heckin need to play the new celeste chapter

Do also need to pack but I've very very narrowly dodged spoilers twice now.

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Heyyy seattle/bellevue friends: wanna hang out tomorrow?

I have a thing in bellevue at 9am and a thing in fremont at 6pm, and nothing to do in between besides drive the way too long distance back home. Plus, if I *don't* drive back home, I will need to have gotten all my stuff packed tonight, which is a good way to get myself to finish packing tonight.

"I should not nap. I should not take a nap today." I say, laying on my bed with my eyes closed.

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my sister has had three alarms go off so far this morning

Each one dismissed rather quickly, but she hasn't left her room yet
this one was immediately followed by the resumed sound of snoring

In case I needed proof we were truly related...!

script available uh

later I guess

when I scp it to a computer that's more, like, computer


I can't view this whole file in xterm to copy it
I can't paste a git url into xterm because this computer doesn't have a dedicated insert key

Introducing boopstodon

Beeps your timeline at you significantly slower than your timeline moves

Available for all platforms where os.popen("beep -l") works

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