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amazon.com/dp/B07TDL667T I wrote another book (a short story collection) and it can be YOURS for only 99 cents.

If and When Gab tries to federate is our obligation to block their instance from federation and encourage others to do the same. Share this posts with your admins.

going to open up a museum about shit people are afraid of and call it the home of phobias

imagine unironically calling yourself an influencer

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DDoSing the mcdonalds automatic order machine after they reject my order of 23 spicy mcchickens with extra pickle for being "profane", "crime against god"

@intothespiderbitch@trollian.space as the conscious of the fediverse, it is my duty.

@intothespiderbitch@trollian.space actual photos of me yesterday

@intothespiderbitch@trollian.space a nice big farm upstate...

@intothespiderbitch@trollian.space isnt speed your whole brand sonic

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I read all of Vriska's posts in Senator Armstrong's voice. I don't know why.
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we still need a new austin powers movie

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