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i had a bowl of rice krispies the other day and they were Different. less flat. slightly puffier. it was strange. the initial mouthfeel was different but the difference faded away from spoonful 3 onward

sometimes i come up with a toot that is... not a winner. it's just been sitting in my browser as a draft until I recycled its ashes into *this* toot

once again I am thinking about the incredible backflip + pokeball throw that Gordie Pokemonswordshield does.

wow i didn't expect windows live messenger / escargot to work in win11 arm parallels but that's cool

surreal 3d modeling + vaguely 🇨🇦pol joke image 

this terrible idea drifted into my head and i was compelled to drop what i was doing and bring it into the world

it’s everyone’s favorite 3d platformer character, a windows xp thing with bird legs

zoomed in photo of wasp 

they were just in my peripheral vision the whole time.... ...... they moved out of my fov and i lost sight of them at some point so I wasn't sure if they were still there when I parked and I climbed over and got out the passenger side :V

a wasp stung me on my hand a few months back for literally no reason

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spoiler for upcoming @DKPUNCH behavior 

working on having more possible outcomes :)

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