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You don't think about it much until you're knee-deep into disassembling a Windows program, but...coming from a Linux standpoint, embedding files in your desktop program as byte arrays is suuuuuch a trashy thing to do

@Skirmisher i wonder how much of that is rooted in the idea of having exe files represent to the user a complete (obfuscated, opaque) unit of software.


@Skirmisher one time a few years ago an intern asked me what a dll *is* and i reflexively said 'a file with a bunch of shit in it'

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@Skirmisher yeah for sure. they quoted me in their end-of-internship presentation to the team hahahahahahaha :blobcatghost:

@viv yes good

oh you might want to update your intro post though,

@viv it really is (liffy was looking at your profile and realized you had pinned it so I boosted it lol)

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