perennial reminder: this is not a horny account. if you think i might be anything even remotely close to horny, you're wrong. if you try to be horny at me, that's grounds for an immediate block.

we've got a pretty good streak going for people not being weird at me on this website. let's try and keep it going.

actually, you fucking know what? EVEN IF i spent 100% of my time on this account talking about my junk and sex life and shit (which i would never do, because, like, c'mon, teenagers consume my work and i wanna make the shit i make a safe space for them) it STILL wouldn't be okay to flirt with me out of the blue!! because there's no CONSENT in that situation!!! you can't RECEIVE consent unless you ASK in the first place (which you fuckers never do)

okay, now i'm going to bed for real. fucking be normal at each other or i swear to god i will incinerate you. also if you creep on kids you go directly to hell. goodnight

@melt been perfecting a new technique where i slam someone into the ground so hard they go to hell BEFORE they die

@HTHR @melt i appreciate how extremely efficient this is

@viv @HTHR @melt dante was wasting time writing political rivals into the traitor's circle of hell when he shoulda been working on his windmill kicks and get the job done for real


@weird_hell @HTHR @melt on the other hand, dante from the devil may cry series has this covered

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