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adafruit order came in!
2x lipo battery 1200mAh
1x mini bluetooth keyboard
2x PowerBoost 1000 charger
1x adafruit trinket 5v
1x adafruit oled bonnet for pi (zero)


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posting from my newest and best portable computer

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here's several pages of rambling about my experiences using a PowerBook G4 I bought a month ago! vvn.space/~vivlim/pages/powerb

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making an attempt to regain some control over the important parts of my game backlog: trello.com/b/ANoz6ZuF

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hi! i'm viv! I'm a queer trans woman, working as a software engineer at msft.

here are some things I'm into:
⭐ @racheez
⭐ (since childhood)
⭐ , lately a lot of nintendo switch + divinity original sin 2
⭐ aesthetics
⭐ joke's
⭐ anim(ation|e), esp.
⭐ former android app dev play.google.com/store/apps/det
⭐ i used to hang out around the sonic & mario fangame scenes over a decade ago and i like to work on game-like things on occasion

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USA Today made a version of their site for EU visitors that's compliant with the GDPR


- ads
- tracking
- personalization
- javascript

It seriously makes me want to check that site from time to time for news. If their point was "see how bad it would be if we didn't do all this stuff?" it's doing the opposite of what it wants because yes, I love this website, that's how I want it and every other one to be like

@weird_hell i forgot about a conflict Rach and I have with the meetup tomorrow and we can't make it :(((

achievement unlocked: watch Hackers on VHS

I AM A COMPUTER — ICONS OF BEIGE by docubyte.com

*to the tune of the Sonic Heroes theme*

Suuubway Tooooteeer (Suuubway Tooooteeerrrr)
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thank you for your standing ovation.

thank you for reading this toot! 💖

It’s been many years since high school

I’m still haunted

ATTN EVERYONE FOLLOWING ME: i have come to a horrifying conclusion. when i type things into this text box it actually shows up on y'all's computers. i had no idea. i'm so fucking sorry

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Wholesomeness break: my old cat never really liked being held, and loathed having his paws held, but because he was a Very Good Boy he would just sigh dramatically and try to ooze away rather than fight it.

One time I was having a breakdown about how hard my uni work was and he hopped into my arms, shoved both paws in my hand and purred hard enough to vibrate my bones until I stopped crying because he knew I liked holding him even if he found it unappealing.