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posting from my newest and best portable computer

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here's several pages of rambling about my experiences using a PowerBook G4 I bought a month ago!

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hi! i'm viv! I'm a queer trans woman, working as a software engineer at msft.

here are some things I'm into:
⭐ @racheez
⭐ (since childhood)
⭐ , lately a lot of nintendo switch + divinity original sin 2
⭐ aesthetics
⭐ joke's
⭐ anim(ation|e), esp.
⭐ former android app dev
⭐ i used to hang out around the sonic & mario fangame scenes over a decade ago and i like to work on game-like things on occasion

@tootapp hi! are you planning to add support for managing follow requests?

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🚨new pod alert 🚨

@Fidgetcetera and @chosafine are back! This week we catch up on our lives and then have a frank discussion about being broken.

Content Warning: Food, Mental Health, Disability, Kingdom Hearts, A brief moment for :tipsycandle: .

Transposable Episode 21: Broken

remembered the pepsi logo design document and I had to do this

the dental assistant who was helping my dentist this morning kept a witch’s hat on the entire time. it was incredible

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i had this idea in the shower just now and i will not apologize for my art

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Hello, my name is Tahajin and I spent all Friday saving two of my employees from deportation after ICE performed an audit-raid on my facility.

And I'm still livid.

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@HTHR once upon a time, a professor at my college walked into class 14 minutes late, visibly disheveled, went to the front in silence, opened his bag, took out a marker, pressed it to the whiteboard, let out a long sigh, put the marker away, packed up and walked out of the classroom again without saying a word.

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