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@Skirmisher one time a few years ago an intern asked me what a dll *is* and i reflexively said 'a file with a bunch of shit in it'

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after a couple years since my last attempt (, i built another portable raspberry pi.

specifically, I am using a raspberry pi 3 a+, for size and power consumption. the display is a hyperpixel4.

the power supply is the same adafruit powerboost 1000c I used before, which unfortunately is not powerful enough to drive my pi4. but the pi3a+ is an ok compromise and there are some savings from not having ethernet and a usb hub.

i'm using a chunky 6000mah battery with it so it last ... forever, but is pretty heavy. i didn't really do any battery life testing with my smaller lighter batteries /or/ this one, so that's a change I *might* make in the future...

context, dexter’s laboratory spoiler from vague memory 

dexter wants to learn french by listening to an instructional tape while he sleeps, but the tape gets stuck and just plays the words β€œomelette du fromage” over and over. when he wakes up that’s all he can say

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context, metal gear rising spoiler, horrific thing that happens in game 

at the end of the chapter raiden finds a research facility that has a massive room full of child brains in jars that are being subjected to vr child soldier training before they’ll eventually be placed in cyborgs

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@itsonlythee just referred to the ending of metal gear rising’s sewer chapter as β€œomelette du fromage but worse” and that’s incredible

neil cicierega 

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if you have non-trivial router config, back it up :)

this toot brought to you by rebooting my router at 2:30am and having the config be completely wiped after it came back up

introducing a new Agile project management methodology: Scrum 41, for when your team is In Too Deep

Multiplayer maps and modes have been updated!

nonspecific med reference 

me this morning: "wow good thing i populated my pill minder correctly,
because I did not form a memory of becoming a dr mario puzzle"

"just write down your todo list every day in a plain notebook"

statements dreamed up by the utterly neurotypical

modern web devs are like "assume an ideal frictionless spherical user agent with mass equal to 1kg and radius equal to 1em"

If you are depressed about Figma, remember that this is an outcome the owner of every for-profit software company dreams of. Every other commercial software vendor you rely on is working tirelessly to hand that product over to someone who doesn’t care about it too

who called them sweet potato chips and not taro cards

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