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making an attempt to regain some control over the important parts of my game backlog: trello.com/b/ANoz6ZuF

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hi! i'm viv! I'm a queer trans woman, working as a software engineer at msft.

here are some things I'm into:
โญ @racheez
โญ (since childhood)
โญ , lately a lot of nintendo switch + divinity original sin 2
โญ aesthetics
โญ joke's
โญ anim(ation|e), esp.
โญ former android app dev play.google.com/store/apps/det
โญ i used to hang out around the sonic & mario fangame scenes over a decade ago and i like to work on game-like things on occasion

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@sickasfrick soylent has a competitor named "MALK" and it's like, you actually turned a simpsons joke into a product

they say cum is stored in the balls
but hey
it's just a theory
a GAME theory

"I've never felt less in control of my own hardware" kimonote.com/@mildbyte/ive-nev

Reminds of something I believe Tim Wu said, about how it feels like today's computing devices are "half for us, and half against us."

james is actually only what you call them when they're together, individually they are each a singular Jame

every goddamn sci fi story that is set in a future where you can download yourself into arbitrary bodies completely fuCKing misses the point by having everyone waltzing around in vanilla ass human bodies



hey so i don't like promoing a lot over here but

GENDERWRECKED is half off for valentine's week

two days left to get it at the frankly ridic price of three dollars


it's real good trust me on this

@tom Bogojort:

1. Generate random clothing
2. Is it jorts? Try again if not

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douglas adams hitchhikers guide to the gay

archive.org/details/dds_roms entire collection of USA DS Download Station ROMs, for the sake of preservation, as around half of these roms were extremely hard to find

information should be accessible

heads up, if for some ungodly reason you're still using facebook, theyre now starting to push spyware under the guise of a VPN on the ios app. gizmodo.com/do-not-i-repeat-do

SOUP and NOODS with my valentine โ™ฅ @viv

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a painting of a #cake that I'm working on. #creativetoots #art #digitalpainting #food