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Hi! I'm Josie (she/they) - I'm a trans and non-binary composer and sound designer for video games, and sometimes I make my own lil queer games too!~

Here are some places where you can find and support my work:

🌺 Site:
🎵 Bandcamp:
🗡️ Streaming:
🌌 Games:

I've been working on audio for Mixolumia - a generative music puzzler - with @davemakes, and it's coming out this weekend on 8.08!!

Here's a little teaser of one of my playable songs 'summer shower', where as you level up a rainstrom slowly moves in.

Find out more about Mixolumia here:

Don't forget, if you want to eat bugs while wearing a hat, try the Hop's Iconic Cap DLC, only $7.99 with the launch discount!

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Also hi I’m alive but sometimes I get consumed by channels of communication


I just released a mini EP of cozy Animal Crossing-inspired tunes called Tiny Postcards! 📮 Here's a little preview below 🏝️ 🎶💛  

Listen/purchase the full songs on Bandcamp:

100% of profits going to NYC’s Citymeals program which is continuing to bring food to elderly New Yorkers at risk during c19.

heyyy happy ! Here's a little WIP from some personal music! This one's gonna be called "Sunk In" when it's all done.

the game from someone else is Lady Knight Overlords by Emma Dee
cover art by Ebeth

"Blanche Smythe is a blacksmith in the town of Violetdale, which is currently overrun by knights of an invading kingdom. But Blanche actually doesn't mind at all, because all of the knights are gorgeous ladies! 😍✨

Play as Blanche as she tries to correctly repair the knights' weapons, while also attempting to successfully flirt with them!"

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And for the second part of my announcements, here's the first glimpse of my newest secret project, Concrete Garden! You play as the last plant after the end of the world, climbing buildings, making art through movement, and finding glowing cubes for sustenance. More information in the coming weeks!

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Why would you tweet about the oscars when you could tweet about the meatscars

OK so I'm currently working on sound &/or music for:

• MEATPUNKS with @HTHR + friends (the best always, so many cool plans for season 2)
• Best Friend Forever - queer dating sim /dog care sim (no you can't date the dogs)
• 1,000 Deaths - 3D platformer a la mario 64 where you're a TV, (team is like mostly enbies)
• untitled fighting game where you play as genderless food-named people
• finishing talks with @davemakes for something fun ;) ;)

idk when all this happened, but I feel really really lucky. <3

I can't wait till the day I can actually fall into a healthy habit of living online here. the air just feels cleaner in mastotown

INFRA BRAD (feat. Michaela Nachtigall) - is now available for streaming & purchase on
Bandcamp! 🎶🎻🔥🎵

SO many kudos to the unbelievably skilled who recorded lead violin on this brand-new track for the Kickstarter trailer!

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Please help us make Season 2 a reality! We're putting everything we've got into making this game the very best we can, and your support means so so much to us! 💪🏻‍🌈🥩

Back us here!

The Kickstarter for EXTREME FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH is NOW LIVE! Gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat!

* Kill fascists!
* Meet a god!
* Steal the sun!


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