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Hi all! Gosh I've been here five minutes and everyone is so friendly. My name is Josie (they/them, she/her) and I do audio design for video games under the name Visager!

Feel free to connect with me if you want to talk about or things!

what if Spiderman pissed outta his wrists instead of webs

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Some of the backgrounds in the season finale, titled "Hope."

Coming soon.

We're adding one more song EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER Season 1 soundtrack. :) Really excited about this one.

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not 100% of the people in meatpunks would technically be considered biologically human, but the specifics on that are something season 1 doesn't really touch on, so... ;)

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for location wide swaths of meatworld are left intentionally vague, though the process of imagining a new area isn't too difficult: take a part of america you know well, and multiply everything you love and everything you hate about it by 100x. example locations include Rozarx, Florida 2, Hellzone, Meat Francisco, the Pacific Northwest (claimed by the new gods), and Lost Angeles (from which nobody has returned since 1979)

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important fanpilot information:
* name/pronouns//mech name
* sprite color (cool colors are typically more inward-facing people, warm colors are more on-the-surface, reds usually work with meat, grays/whites are fash)
* faction alignments (good-aligned factions include the Meatpunks, Bloodmasons, and Wrestlequeens, while evil-aligned factions include the Fash and Cops, but also many people aren't aligned with any particular faction)
* mech visuals/special abilities
* backstory/location

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and now.....................


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So having got permission,,, uh,,,,

this.. Exists.....

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Tossing (basically a python2 CLI version of Infinite Jukebox) at a merged version of all the #Meatpunks fight themes...

... this is probably a dumb idea...

oh fuck I think I got lice from a date :/

My fortune cookie very ominously encouraging me to masturbate

I'm at a talk right now breaking down the significance of the dance scene from Ex Machina, and it's the best thing ever.

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‪NY customs agent: "What's with the pink nails?"‬

‪Me: "I'm trans."‬

‪Him (awkwardly): "Oh, I, thought it was breast cancer awareness"‬

‪Me, 20 seconds later in my head: "No, I'm raising awareness of my own breasts."‬

Closing remarks at QGCon! It's been a really cozy and calm space and weekend. And very gay. Of course.

I'm excited to join Bandcamp today in donating all proceeds from any purchases of my game soundtracks and other albums to the Voting Rights Project! ->

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