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Hi all! Gosh I've been here five minutes and everyone is so friendly. My name is Josie (they/them, she/her) and I do audio design for video games under the name Visager!

Feel free to connect with me if you want to talk about or things!

Gratuitous photoshoot with my friend Rachel and her dog Marlowe 😍

Last week I released a little cozy game called 'Flirting' about two queer trans enbies flirting in mechs in the afternoon. You can play it here! :ablobpride1: :heart_trans:

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this game was SO cute and touching and also sexy? and sweet and the best and if you have a few minutes to be knocked out of the park, check it out!

rt @visager but on twitter:
I made a teeny one-scene game called 'Flirting' about two queer trans enbies flirting in mechs in the afternoon. A belated entry for the mech #bitsyjam. Hope y'all like it! 💖🌈🤖

‪egirl on the outside‬

‪slipping a cold steel dagger into the soft flesh beneath your jaw and looking you in the eyes to make sure you know who it was on the inside‬

Flying out to spend two weeks with folx in Portland, Seattle, and Bellingham who are very dear to me! 💞☺️

Got to party with a lot of the Bitsyfolx today in Minecraft and it was adorable as heck. I'll post more pix later but @ebeth and I are now neighbors and it made me really happy n_n

Odds and Friends - my new album - is out now!!! It's got 22 tracks from game jams, podcasts, remixes & other teeny projects I worked on over the last year. Enjoy the beachy vibes, gay demon metal, happy robot tunes, russian tennis anthems & more! 🏖️😈⛈️👼👁️🎾🚀

Listen / download here!

Art by the amazingly skilled @VOID!!

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bonus to system where we name everyone like they're in an MMO so nobody has the exact same name: nobody has your deadname

just had a few cavities filled or as I like to call it "systematically pulverizing my physical form and reconstructing myself from scratch to fill the empty void"


Writing a hymn to Satan for a final project

I feel comfiest with assassin aesthetics in my wardrobe because I am slowly plotting the downfall of those who have tried to abuse or exploit my friends

Writing about the Annihilation OST - if you have any Hot Takes, send them my way!

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oh god, i woke up and i'm a girl

just like every day

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you ever think about how the meatpunks OST was one of the greatest albums released this year because i do, constantly

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