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yer covering it with piss. c'mon, we're better than this. we can do more. just let the youth think for themselves.

and if you disagree with someone, don't promote them by yelling online about it. that just makes them more popular, duh.

welp, im off. have a safe trip.

~ virtual

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dear people of the internet,

this is a letter made to inform you about how the internet is a free area, not a safe space. if you want to have an opinion, that's fine. just don't go shoving it down people's throats.

you must know that people will disagree with you and THAT'S OKAY. that happens all the time. so quit calling them mean names unless they actually are those meanie "fascists" that you call them.

and please don't poison the youth. they have a large blank canvas to cover up and...

i have a very negative outlook on the modern world. it's a pretty shitty time to live in. everyone and everything is a fake. "free speech" doesn't exist and words actually hurt people.

where did we go wrong

we live in a fucking shitty clown world and the masses are the culprit

wow thank you canadian school system for making my life a living nightmare

wow rap lyrics big funny 

oi lads imma get banned cuz i made a funny follow me @virtual or just hmu on dickscord

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