try getting an italian grandmother to use an iphone then talk to me

@Ocean22 lunatic mode:
calling everyone "daddy" especially your really vanilla friends

wow virtual likes rap music aight fellas time to leave

you wuz on sum opp shit

i wuz cruisin down a ♤♡♢♧♤ block with the chopsticks

rockstar ♤♡♢♧♤

now i need a rock bitch

we want beef not veggies not squash bitch

send me ur matrix thingies i wanna talk to you peopels

@LogicalDash no need to write a paragraph about a joke. dude, chill.

@cdmnky YES

when i write my code i just use ocr to detect my shitty handwriting

works 4000% of the time

@LogicalDash im not bringing race into this

but you misinterpreted this joke


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