@virtual I tried, and eventually gave up and used spacemacs for a bit.

Too slow, imo but if you can get to evil mode in a pinch it's okay

@cdmnky tbh i dont really customize my editor that much but if i can save and edit properly without the need to break my fingers, then we gucci

like vim is so simple

esc+:w to write to file
esc+:wq to write and quit
esc+:q to quit

I always use ZZ instead of :wq
I can just roll my pinkie over it no problem

vim is the best

@virtual Well I proxy-maintain vis, so biased stuff I guess.

But basically vis is light, uses lua instead of horrible vimscript, got more powerful regexes and there is multi-cursor editing.

On the size topic, here is the package size on my gentoo:
app-editors/vis-0.5: 310K
app-editors/vim-8.0.0386: 1.3M
app-editors/vim-core-8.0.0386: 7.1M

@virtual I mean


Because ironic racism is still racism

@LogicalDash im not bringing race into this

but you misinterpreted this joke


@virtual Ben Croshaw originally coined "PC Gaming Master Race" in a video making fun of the sort of people who consider PC gaming superior to console

It was then adopted unironically by that sort of person. I think the subreddit by that name is still active. This was perfectly predictable

You're doing the same thing he was, and it doesn't matter precisely what you think your joke is about

@LogicalDash no need to write a paragraph about a joke. dude, chill.

@virtual I feel like you'd sympathize if I wrote a lot to convince a person that a joke involving homophobic slurs was bad

Might not be a good use of my time though, so you might advise me to report and move on


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