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im so glad to have my best friend. she's never abandoned me, not ever, she's even here with me now in my time of need when I'm hurting so much. She's the only one who was available for me and I love her.

I love you, Mary Jane.

and i miss you
im going back home to the west coast

i wish you
would put yourself in my suitcase

i love you
standing all alone in a black coat

i miss you
im going back home to the west coast

I just wanna curl up in someone's arms and cry myself to sleep

Anyone wanna cuddle me? I'm cute enough, sometimes

I just wanna curl up with someone and cry myself to sleep in their arms

But I can't even have that

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Speaking of which, I'm unemployed. Anyone got any need for a coder? I need to pay my bills somehow

Don't you love it when you get fired not a week after your friend dies and right before you're supposed to get heart surgery

I hate being such a pleaser

My coworker treats me like shit but I'm still the nicest and I constantly try to do stuff to ease his workload and be friendly and he just. Fucking hates me so much for no reason

Why am I expending so much time and energy on people who are dicks to me. I wish I could just not give a shit about him but I want to get along so bad

Hey guys don't dump someone over text in the middle of the night

Especially if you've been together for several months and they clearly love you

This has been a PSA

Speaking of work holy fuck the holidays are hell

I had to unload so many heavy boxes of heavy board games and shit yesterday I'm so sore

Why'd you choose last night to fuck up, insomnia? 😭

inb4 some guy sees those posts and tries to slide into my DMs


Also really picky so. Don't take offense when I say no thanks

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Going down the hallway is a terrible inconvenience but he's happy to stand in my room and bitch about it for ten minutes

Privileged people are so weird

Like, it's the end of the fucking world for my roommate when I forget to put the cereal back in the cupboard and leave it on my desk

Like. You had to walk down the hallway. Oh no how terrible

People are so weird..

A week ago, four people wanted to meet me so bad. They were texting me constantly and it was getting hard to manage.

Now all of them are fucking dead or something, not a single text back.

I feel like my ex got her friends to prank me or just see how I'd react to their advances or something? Idfk I need more sleep

twitter is like Mastodon, but for people who like their infrastructure to be controlled by nazi-sympathizing capitalists

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