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twitter is like Mastodon, but for people who like their infrastructure to be controlled by nazi-sympathizing capitalists

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it plays in my work all the time and i was putting away boxes and just. as soon as I heard it come on I dropped it and pulled my phone out lmao

@viomi ah fuck this toot reminded me, yet again, that im an adult

Btw I get on Masto to get away from alt-right trolls and bullies so go fuck yourself. You know who you are.

I manage to get lots of people interested in me, which I guess means I have a good face.

But nobody ever sticks around.. they seem so enamored and enraptured for a few weeks and the first five+ dates but then they just.. seem to get annoyed or something, as soon as they actually get to know me.

I didn't think my personality sucked -that- bad

Why am I so fucking good at pushing away the people I love the most

alright insomnia.. time to shut the fuck up and let me sleep

goodnight cyberbabes ❤️

Me: eating cereal
Friend: "Could you stop that?"
Me: "Stop what?"
Friend: "Slurping your cereal like that."
Me: slurps
Friend: "Oh my god seriously. Just eat your cereal like a normal person"
Me: "There's no other way to eat cereal! I can't not slurp!"

TL;DR: am I the only one who slurps their cereal?

Oh, "stop" means "stop being so annoying that people don't like you. or the people who like you get annoyed by you quickly and stop liking you"

All I can think about these past few days is how I still really want to change my last name to Lovelace.

Hi, I'm Girl on the Net - anonymous sex blogger, author and co-organiser of Eroticon. I write a mix of #NSFW sex stories (mostly true) and #SFW rambles on feminism, dating, love and how you pick who should do the washing up before you get to shag at bedtime.

I am here because I want to be part of a social network that isn't filled with fucking nazis. #DreamBig

Hey roleplayers,

What would be your preferred way to roleplay? In a browser, a downloadable app, in a game? Would you prefer to walk through different rooms to different areas? Host your own genre of RPs (maybe for specific shows or something) with your own rooms and stuff?

I'm bored and thinking of making just. Good stuff for people who like to text rp

Don't wanna know
What kind of dress you're wearing tonight
If he's holding onto you so tight
The way I did before
I overdosed
Should've known your love was a game
Now I can't get you out of my brain
Oh, it's such a shame

We don't talk anymore, we don't talk anymore
We don't talk anymore, like we used to do
We don't love anymore
What was all of it for?
Oh, we don't talk anymore, like we used to do

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