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Android of Theseus

I can't believe I let my ex talk me out of getting a split tongue

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Sings baby come back to my pasta

i do not understand
the threats
that are in your model

and which
you are probably
acting on
for your security

forgive me
they are ridiculous
so unrealistic
and so vague

Protect your decker while she's in cyberspace!!

When someone posts something depressing but they were a huge cunt to you for absolutely no reason

Am I supposed to feel bad or schadenfreude?

if there's one thing that social media has taught me, it's that there are genuinely nice people out there...up north, in Canada mostly

My favorite song came on and I haaad to dance so now my toe is stubbed and it fucking hurts

She don't know what you do at night, all night long..
She don't know all the photos you've got on your phone..

But she knows, she knows, mm...

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Valentine's day is almost over

I spent it all eating snacks and playing vidya lmao

The only thing worse than being sick on Valentine's day is being sick and alone with nobody to care for you and bring you chicken noodle soup

I hate everything