Hey guys I'm back here. cybrewitch.es was a fun experiment but I'm a bit too busy with life so it's probably gonna be dead pretty much indefinitely

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Hi I'm viomi and my actual profile is over here okay so go follow this one --> @viomi kthx

No seriously guys go follow me at @viomi I don't actually post here very much anymore

Having only a third of the followers I had on cybre.space is weird

There's no way that many people just stopped using masto, I guess I just need to post more about it over there or something

@Concerned_Catgirl That is not the reason you were suspended and you are well aware of it by now.

Moving to @viomi mostly so I can mess around with mastodon but also because I've always wanted to host my own social networking

On that note, I need to go re-make the rules for pentacles yaaaay

Heads up: Don't have the site settings for two seperate instances open at the same time, they write to the same thing somehow and you will overwrite the entirety of your rules page with blanks if you do this.

Apparently nginx didn't want to guide port 666 and 667 to my new instance so I just did 5000 + 6000 since mastodon default uses 3000 + 4000 and it suddenly worked


hi all o/
i'm cam, a 19 soon-to-be-20 year old in the pnw who loves rain and trees and anything typically considered "dreary"
i am An Actual Chespin whos in college studying comp sci and being bad at it.

i like video games and being gay with my friends. :agender_flag: 🏳️‍🌈

Running multiple instances should only require changing the .service files to use a different port and making sure the nginx config for that domain uses those same ports, right? Is there something else I'm missing?

At least cybrewitch.es/ isn't doing this weird thing where it tries to pull the pentacl.es/ page, it just is failing to run masto which is fine I guess

When you follow the production guide step by step and it still doesn't work..


WAIT I might've found it in the .service files

ExecStart=/home/mastodon/.rbenv/shims/bundle exec puma -C config/puma.rb
ExecReload=/bin/kill -SIGUSR1 $MAINPID


I just need to use a different port in the @proxy for cybrewitches and match that in all three .service files and keep using 3000 in pentacles

Alright. Here's my nginx config for cybrewitch.es


The issue is, location @proxy leads to pentacl.es' main directory, rather than cyberwitch.es'

I assume this is because pentacles-web.service picks up the @proxy before cybrewitch.es does or something?

If I remove all the location and proxy stuff, shit doesn't work at all.


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