@IceWolf Yeah, I get overloaded by all of the people who sit around and shitpost and make posts like the one you just did and just ignore shit going on.

I think it might be good for you to get the feeling of unexpected uncomfortable content. It's not near as bad as BIPOC having to see racism pop up on their feed suddenly without warning, because people like you decided going out to actively stop it wasn't your responsibility.

Why DOES people talking about racism make you so uncomfortable?

@benhamill @xenophora @matt

It's not even that he just said "we'll take action as we see fit". He said on one of the user's other posts "We don't see how he's broken any rules here. Feel free to block him if he's bothering you" essentially

@IceWolf No.

No, fuck this.

We will not CW talk about racism so you can choose to ignore it.

It is way more exhausting for BIPOC to:
1. See white people decide to just tune out of racism
2. Read posts like this

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

Alright. Go ahead and ignore your internalized racism, which BIPOC literally cannot do.

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

I'm talking about both. You have to do both those things. You have to actively go out and be looking for racist actors while you're browsing through mastodon. This goes for real life, and everywhere else too. You seek out fascism and remove them. Because WE ARE ANTI-FASCISTS, NOT NEOLIBERALS

"No arguing on the internet guys" being used against people trying to fight racism has the same energy as "PLUR" being used to mean no negative vibes

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

Because I promise being a BIPOC and watching all of the white people around you shun off fighting racism because they feel like they are incapable for some reason and having to fight it all yourself is way fucking harder than going out as a white person and trying to remove racists from your spaces.

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

Why not? Is it that hard to type out a response and explain to someone that they are being racist?

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

I think instead of slinking off and hiding, you should recognize that you are contributing to racism by not being anti-racist.

It is literally white people's duty right now to actively seek out and remove racism. We can't expect BIPOC to do that themselves?

Like, us going to protests is literally the same thing. It's actively going out to fight racism instead of hiding in your apartment and vibing.

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

Um. Well yes. Until BIPOC aren't getting killed in the streets and we don't live in a systemically racist society.. You do get to actively seek out racism and try to remove it from your communities.

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

What would you be diving into if you didn't see anything? What do you mean?

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

I'm schizophrenic. I get an allowance of 0 spoons a day. I can't have a job. Some days I go into a catatonic state and scrawl on everything. I still respond in full, actively, any time I see something racist. Microaggressions too.

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

Yes. Mint, a BIPOC, had to leave very recently because someone was using blackface, and all the white people around didn't say or do anything. Mint filed a report, the report got closed, people only stepped in and did something once Mint had left after having to deal with situations like this over and over.

You see, for BIPOC in our community, your "some people can't check racism when they see it" and "for some reason thinking `You must do anti-racist stuff or you're bad` isn't true" ideas mean that they are the ones who have to deal with the racists, because the sea of techie trans girls and middle class white folk here have decided it's not their responsibility as white folk to check racism around them when they see it when it ABSOLUTELY is.

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

What people can't care enough about BIPOC to stand up for them when they witness racism, and why is that okay?

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

It is if you saw them pull something before and let it slide because you didn't have the "mental fortitude" to stand up for BIPOC, and then they go and end up hurting someone BIPOC because you didn't talk to them and get them to either correct their behavior or be removed.. then it is definitely Your Fault Personally.

@haskal and of course right as I'm posting this someone is complaining to me about having to hear about racist events for a week afterwards.

Imagine having people's posts about a racist thing for a whole week after on your feed, making it clear that said behavior is unacceptable,, and thinking that's a bad thing. "I want this to be shorter. Let's not make sure everyone analyzes their behavior."

I'm pretty sure BIPOC having people ACTUALLY actively fight racism for only a week after someone gets literally pushed off the site because people weren't checking their behaviors and were just relying on some shitty software's report function is more of a problem than you having to hear people talk about racism for a week.

@ben That sounds really inconvenient for you.

Did you know BIPOC have to experience being in a racist system every minute of every day.. for their whole lives? It'd be cool if they could just stop hearing about it after a week.

It's seems to me like you having to deal with racism and people making it clear that said racist behavior wasn't okay for only a week at a time is lucky.

@luna @haskal

by being a mannequin you may lead to a BIPOC who also lacks the mental fortitude to have to experience and become involved in it instead because they cannot just,, not involve themselves in racism.

@ben if anyone honestly believes having terrible mental health means they don't have to care about racism, and doesn't recognize that not caring about racism DOES make it worse..

Well they really gotta check their privilege. Also, I'm schizophrenic and I haven't had anything but terrible mental health since I was 16. I haven't stopped caring about racism :blobshrug:

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