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Well at least Spain is saying I own it now...

It even has the right nameservers up

So why isn't dns working still?

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Ran every time I hit ctrl+f7 whilst my keyboard and mouse aren't being passed through to VM (and are therefore on host):

This simultaneously hands over control of m+k, as well as kills my middle monitor so it will automatically switch to the VM now that the VM is displaying something.

This is WIP though, currently this doesn't work my windows guest and also I don't need to be doing that silly toggle shit.

usbgrabber, started by a service which is started by a socket which is plugged into by kvm upon launch, therefore automatically ran upon start of VM:

Holy fuck, I did it! It worked! GPU Passthrough & DIRECT USB INPUT with an easy keyboard shortcut to switch between host & guest. Ohhh baby.

Windows powershell script for giving my mouse and keyboard back to host:

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