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single-user instance block recommendation; cw free speech, Trump supporter is uh. well he's a free speech weirdo who seems to like trump as far as I can tell.

clown world indeed...

finding out you look identical to the main character of a horny game about trans cuties and robots is pretty amazing

Like seriously she's just me. in face, haircut, style, build, mannerisms.. O.o

INSTANCE BLOCK; Defending Free-Speech Racists 

Looks like they're buds.

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INSTANCE BLOCK; Defending Free-Speech Racists 

Remember kids, racism and being a free-speech fascist apparently isn't as bad as arguing with a racist on the internet! :blobfacepalm:

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INSTANCE BLOCK; Defending Free-Speech Racists 

Despite it being directly against the TOS, it would seem @matt has decided to allow to stay after attacking Mint and then using their privilege to defend themselves, play race-blind, and pull the free-speech card.

Receipts threaded below.

the best new feature of ko-fi is being able to change "buy a coffee for" to whatever you want

ok my warframe character is WAY too cute for her own good

today we are making a baby tf potion out of :cannabis_leaf: RSO and froot sauce

genderbend selfies?? eye contact, boosts+ 

For tonight, my genderfluidity has landed directly on top of "binary boy" so..

I'm temporarily cis


Hello, minor.
Please stop interacting with adults' posts with sexual content in them.
You are making people severely uncomfortable and could end up getting someone arrested.

Selfies, eye contact, boosts+ 

Well, I did say I would steal the moon for you.. 馃寱馃挏

eye contact selfie, boosts+ 

Hi cuties! What have you been up to? I've been fucking my brain with drugs!!

LEWD selfie, eye contact, please boost! 馃挅馃挏 

Reminder that I have an Onlyfans: 馃挄

selfie eye contact 

Morning cuties!

Boosts appreciated xoxo 馃挅

eye contact selfie, retoots appreciated 

damn we really need to stop smoking ciggies

#introductions, long, selfie eye contact 

Hi! vI am Violet, a girl who read a forbidden book in her dreams and a child and has been void-touched ever since. Vy pronouns are shiv/ver/vers. We love to dance, and sing, and give love to everyone around us. We are plural and have bats and a snake and demons that like to come out sometimes!馃馃悕

I like to post about technology (cybersecurity, programming, reverse engineering, physical creative tech projects, encryption), my lovely partners, magical experiences, intense drugs, ideology, political views, selfies, and more. I even have an Onlyfans for those who are into sideshave dykes 馃挄

We are sound and light sensitive, and tend to hide in the dark. We like to find other magical beings and awaken them, protect them, love them. We bring moments of peace, and are very good at swooping people out of spirals and eating bad vibes like mosquitoes.

We love making friends, so please hit vs up! 馃挏

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