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Android of Theseus @viomi

So how are you guys making money off coding (besides those of you with full time jobs in the field)? I'm curious about where people go for freelance work or things like that.

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there are other freelance sites too but generally (including that one) they are all shit as the first people there, get the ratings and all the jobs after that.

@LottieVixen Yeah I know about freelancer, but the reason you gave is exactly why I don't want to use it.. Grr.

@viomi honestly every freelance site I have used, has that same issue. so if you find an anwser, let me know please.

@viomi make stuff as a service

it's bad and feels bad but uh capitalism

@viomi ye

with some luck you can quickly release the thing as software and earn money through support and donations

@viomi you can always go for the :gargamel: route :v

@viomi I've found work with peopleperhour before, and it was pretty legit. As with any freelance site, lots of requests for illegal activity, but overall a pretty seamless experience.

As previously mentioned, capitalism feels bad no matter how you spin it. But you can freelance code and fight for liberation at the same time :)

@viomi also every freelance job that i have seen was either paid next to nothing or required some recommendation. ye it's bad

@viomi I have a full time job so I might not be qualified, but I've heard that you either consult, freelance or make and sell something. Back when I was considering starting my own SaaS back in uni I did read most of , maybe you'll find something useful there?

Or maybe not, I ending up getting a full time job and just kept working for the man since uni.