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Hey, could y'all please stick a CW on the racism PSA Posting [not necessarily like individual conversation, but the stuff you want boosted]?

It's not bad to talk about.
But it /is/ exhausting.
And a heads-up so we can prepare before being hit in the face with it would be much appreciated.

@IceWolf No.

No, fuck this.

We will not CW talk about racism so you can choose to ignore it.

It is way more exhausting for BIPOC to:
1. See white people decide to just tune out of racism
2. Read posts like this

@viomi We're NOT ignoring it. That's like, the entire point.

We /want/ to be able to see it, but in order to see it, we have to be able to cope with it.

And CWs help immensely with that.

@viomi When it's one or two posts here and there, like it normally is, that's one thing. When it's an avalanche of /everyone/ talking about it – which is good! – then the CWs get more important because otherwise it's just. Too much. It's overload.

@IceWolf Yeah, I get overloaded by all of the people who sit around and shitpost and make posts like the one you just did and just ignore shit going on.

I think it might be good for you to get the feeling of unexpected uncomfortable content. It's not near as bad as BIPOC having to see racism pop up on their feed suddenly without warning, because people like you decided going out to actively stop it wasn't your responsibility.

Why DOES people talking about racism make you so uncomfortable?

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@viomi Like I said. The problem isn't the talk about racism.

When I can prepare for it.

The same thing happens for any high-stress discussion flying about; it's the stress. It's the emotionally charged nature of everything.

We /don't want/ to ignore it.
And we don't want to have to.

@viomi If we ran into antiplural stuff, or anti-otherkin stuff, and wanted to post about it? We'd absolutely CW it.

Because it's /heavy./ It's not something we want to just shove in people's faces without a heads-up that there's Heavy Stuff Ahead so they can brace themselves.

@viomi anyway. This thread here is also doing nothing more than causing stress, nothing's going to come of it. It's not like we're suddenly going to have infinite spoons to handle un-CWed racism discussion.

So it's probably best if we mute you. I'm sorry.

(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, racism, CW meta discourse, -- 

@viomi As a reluctant mixed-race Terran, CW this stuff. It's draining and emotionally exhausted. I can't get furious every time one dumbass out of the millions on this federation does something racist.

(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, racism, CW meta discourse, -- 

@viomi This is an escape for some of us. If we get bombarded with it all day every day elsewhere, what makes you think we want to flop down here only to get even more?

@viomi @IceWolf as a (white passing, mind - but still) mixed w/ Black trans woman: this ain't helping.

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