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if you're a leftist you probably understand how liberals who are complicit and compromising in Conservative Bullshit are basically part of the problem right?

so if you're on this webbed sight right now and you say "i don't wanna deal with 'the drama' i just wanna be gay" etc then seriously fucking check yourself

you're either anti-racist or part of the problem. i don't wanna see this shit on my TL

mh - 

@haskal I just genuinely lack the mental fortitude to involve myself in these things, especially as frequent as they are

@luna @haskal

by being a mannequin you may lead to a BIPOC who also lacks the mental fortitude to have to experience and become involved in it instead because they cannot just,, not involve themselves in racism.

@viomi @luna @haskal Well we can't stop everything, though.

It's not Your Fault Personally if some racist somewhere in the world does racist stuff.

@IceWolf @luna @haskal

It is if you saw them pull something before and let it slide because you didn't have the "mental fortitude" to stand up for BIPOC, and then they go and end up hurting someone BIPOC because you didn't talk to them and get them to either correct their behavior or be removed.. then it is definitely Your Fault Personally.

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