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if you're a leftist you probably understand how liberals who are complicit and compromising in Conservative Bullshit are basically part of the problem right?

so if you're on this webbed sight right now and you say "i don't wanna deal with 'the drama' i just wanna be gay" etc then seriously fucking check yourself

you're either anti-racist or part of the problem. i don't wanna see this shit on my TL

@haskal Seeing a lot of "ew conflict and talking about racism and analyzing shitty behaviors, i just wanna go back to shitposting about lesbians and programming languages" and honestly it's the same kind of "trans girls assuming they must be good and never observing their racist behaviors because of that assumption" culture that caused this shit in the first place

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@haskal and of course right as I'm posting this someone is complaining to me about having to hear about racist events for a week afterwards.

Imagine having people's posts about a racist thing for a whole week after on your feed, making it clear that said behavior is unacceptable,, and thinking that's a bad thing. "I want this to be shorter. Let's not make sure everyone analyzes their behavior."

I'm pretty sure BIPOC having people ACTUALLY actively fight racism for only a week after someone gets literally pushed off the site because people weren't checking their behaviors and were just relying on some shitty software's report function is more of a problem than you having to hear people talk about racism for a week.

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