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Hey, I'm Violet. I'm an autistic dissociative schizo bipolar trans girl who was homeless for all of last year and have only been able to have a room by living with my grandmother. This pandemic has made getting a job with my qualifications and mental state impossible.

I have no source of real income. Recently, I have entered into sex-work via OnlyFans, and I am having trouble getting steam with it b/c of a lack of spoons to constantly upkeep my appearance, and no money for makeup and outfits.

I am trying to get a degree online for cybersecurity work so I can finally support myself remotely. In order to fund this I've made a Ko-Fi if you would like to support me more over time, or perhaps would like some other kind of service than sex-work (I can do sysadmin, voice acting, coding, pentesting, and even teach you how to do any of those!)

Links to my OnlyFans and my Ko-Fi are both on my profile. For an alternative, there's:

Thank you so much 馃挏

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